Why these investors think saving the trees isn’t just for protesters anymore

A fresh crop of startups has emerged to combat deforestation and climate change, and a handful investors have embraced the challenge along with them.

Overstory snags $14M Series A to use AI to help utilities cut their wildfire risk

Utilities have long known about the hazards posed by trees growing close to power lines, but the successive disasters have thrown the issue into sharp relief.

Vibrant Planet raises $15M Series A to help PG&E and others trim their wildfire risk

Are enough people taking the climate threat seriously that a startup focused on wildfire management could succeed? The answer appears to be yes.

Investors take note: Wildfire smoke will spark a surge in East Coast climate tech startups

Next year we might expect anywhere between 30 and 35 new climate tech companies to emerge.

From root to crown, Mast Reforestation is regrowing the tree economy for the 21st century

Here’s the problem: The planet is burning, and there’s not much we can do about it. Forests are in peril not just because of the ravages of climate change, but because the industries that

Deal Dive: VC interest in wildfire tech grows as the world burns around us

As wildfires continue to become a larger threat, the group of entrepreneurs looking to create tech solutions grows with it.

Torch is building solar-powered outdoor sensors to spot wildfires early

The Nest Protect is the single best piece of smart home hardware I’ve ever purchased. Not everything in your home would benefit from being connected, but smoke detectors really do. They go a long wa

Convective Capital’s $35 million answer to the increasing threat of wildfires

Wildfires have become an ever-increasing threat as houses are built closer together and the growing impacts of climate change wreak havoc on natural landscapes. Entrepreneurs, in response, have starte

Pano has a burning desire to apply AI smarts to wildfire detection

As the weather gets hot and dry, things get a little bit tense these days. While it’s been possible for humans to be on the lookout for fires (there are even organizations that make it easy to v

Using tech to transform vegetation management in the wake of the Dixie Fire

The hurdles of scalability and the operations to initiate an inspection need improved management foresight. Satellite analysis is a feasible, proactive approach and presents accelerated results for ve

Google beefs up wildfire tracking, tree cover and Plus Codes in Maps

Google has updates for a handful of tools aimed at helping people use Maps for more, or get on them in the first place. The company is improving wildfire tracking, expanding a tool for calculating tre

DroneSeed’s $36M A round makes it a one-stop shop for post-wildfire reforestation

DroneSeed started as a tech-powered alternative to the backbreaking work of large-scale tree planting, but this important task is only one small part of forest restoration, the infrastructure for whic

BreezoMeter, which powers air quality in Apple’s Weather app, launches Wildfire Tracker

BreezoMeter has been on a mission to make environmental health hazard information accessible to as many people as possible. Through its air quality index (AQI) calculations, the Israel-based company c

a16z leads investment in Firemaps, a marketplace for home hardening against wildfires

Wildfires are burning in countries all around the world. California is dealing with some of the worst wildfires in its history (a superlative that I use essentially every year now) with the Caldor fir

OroraTech’s space-based early wildfire warnings spark $7M investment

With wildfires becoming an ever more devastating annual phenomenon, it is in the whole planet’s interest to spot them and respond as early as possible — and the best vantage point for that is

When wildfires rage close, Perimeter wants to tell you where to go

Out the window, a fire is raging — and it’s moving ever closer. Confusion. Fear. A run for the car. Roads open and then suddenly closed by authorities. Traffic jams. A fire break that stalls the f

Google brings emergency alert tools to Search and Maps as fires rage in Northern California

Lightning and a massive heatwave have contributed to raging wildfires in Northern California. By last count, some 11,000 lighting strikes caused hundreds of blazes in a 72-hour period — 26 of which

As wildfire season approaches, AI could pinpoint risky regions using satellite imagery

The U.S. has suffered from devastating wildfires over the last few years as global temperatures rise and weather patterns change, making the otherwise natural phenomenon especially unpredictable and s

Tech’s Role In Fighting Wildfires

"Burn rates" are perennially on the minds of Silicon Valley VCs and entrepreneurs, but what about the very real burn rates that ravish the surrounding California countryside, as well as other areas ea

Sweet Apple donates Nanos to wildfire-stricken kiddies

Those poor desert-dwellers in the Golden State could have used the floods we’ve been having recently in Washington. But every choking, black cloud of smoke has a silver lining: 100 youngsters wh