Laugh.ly aims to be the Pandora for stand-up comedy

A company called Laugh.ly wants to make streaming sets from the best comedians as easy as streaming music on Pandora. Though not yet available to the public, Laugh.ly's iOS application will allow user

Wildcard Debuts A News-Reading App Designed For The Mobile Age

Besides messaging, snapping photos, and checking the weather, news reading has become one of the top activities done on mobile phones. It’s so popular, in fact, that Apple is introducing its ow

Wildcard Raises $10 Million, Launches A Browser Built For The Mobile Web

A company called Wildcard is today launching a browser for the mobile age, designed specifically with the support of the newer “card” format in mind. Cards are a new design trend which e

Virgin Mobile Wildcard available in stores

Yo, check it Virgin Mobile users. I bet you guys get excited whenever a new phone comes out, so get ready to pee your pants in joy. If you take a stroll to your local Target, you’ll find the lov