• Are Wikis the Best Format For Travel Guides?

    Wikia, a for-profit offshoot of Wikipedia, will announce the launch of a free, editable “worldwide guide of places to go and things to do” on Monday, called World Wikia. The content is very light for now, although for an example of how this might look down the road see their deep content on Roman churches. They will also announce a number of partnerships with commercial publishers… Read More

  • Gil Penchina Leaves eBay To Run Wikia

    Gil Penchina, previously eBay’s Vice President and GM of International, is now the CEO of new startup Wikia. Wikia is the for profit sister site of Wikipedia. Where Wikipedia focuses on verifiable facts, Wikia is all about opinions – travel guides, political opinions, whatever. Wikia announced a $4 million venture round in March 2006. I spoke with Gil for a few minutes this… Read More

  • Wikia Raises $4 Million

    Wikia, formerly called Wikicities, announced a $4 million Series A round today. The financing was led by Bessemer Venture Partners and Omidyar Network, and had participation from angel investors Dan Gillmor, Reid Hoffman, Joichi Ito, and Mitch Kapor. David Cowan of Bessemer also wrote about this on his personal blog. Wikia is a for profit venture by Jimmy Wales, one of the founders of Wikipedia. Read More

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