• Wikia Will Search. But When?

    We’ve waited more than a year for Wikia to launch their human powered search engine. The project was first announced in December last year by Wikipedia/Wikia founder Jimmy Wales. The promise was to return better results than Google and other search engines, using humans to make quality decisions: “Google is very good at many types of search, but in many instances it produces… Read More

  • A Few Thoughts On Google Knol

    News of Google most recent project, Knol, came out late last Thursday without, as far as I can tell, much in the way of press pre-briefings. All the major publications were late to the story. Blogs hit it fast, but had nothing to go on other than the brief blog post put up by Google’s Udi Manber announcing the project. Our initial story on Knol is here. From a product perspective, Knol… Read More

  • Mahalo Goes Social

    New wiki-based search engine Mahalo is launching social networking features today at the LeWeb3 conference in Paris. Mahalo is a search engine that focuses on user link submissions and an editorial process to theoretically produce better search results than algorithm-only engines like Google. It first launched in May 2007. The company already pays users for quality submissions. Today, they… Read More

  • Get Ready For Wikia Search; First Screen Shots Shown In South Africa

    It was eleven months ago that Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales first mentioned his vision for a people-powered search engine that would eventually launch under his for profit startup, Wikia. Not much has happened since then, other than a lot of chatter on an email discussion list, and the small acquisition of Grub, a distributed web crawling company, from Looksmart. The official site for Wikia… Read More

  • Wetpaint Combines Discussion Forums With Wikis

    Seattle-based Wetpaint, which launched in June 2006, is a hosted wiki site that focuses on great looking sites and making the user interface as easy as possible. A number of wikis have popped up around popular pop culture stuff, as well as more private sites. Tonight they added new feature that should generate a lot of page views – they have fully integrated a forum/message board into… Read More

  • Wikinvest Closes $2.5 Million For Investment Wiki

    Wikinvest has closed a $2.5 million series A led by DCM and including angels. Wikinvest is just as the name suggests, a wiki for investors. Wikinvest is meant to be a research portal where anyone can contribute information on company profiles, investment concepts, or chart analysis. The site is a competitor with financial profiles and news listed on Yahoo and Google Finance, as well as… Read More

  • Gets $6 Million To Help With Your Parents' Elder Years, a website community about elderly care, just announced a $6 million Series A round of financing from DCM and Split Rock Partners. It’s yet another one of the subject-specific knowledge communities to pop up over the last year. The site, as you can guess, is about caring for your parents in their “Golden Years”. It provides articles about dealing with your… Read More

  • Wikia Gaming Launches With 250,000 Articles

    I love Wikia – CEO Gil Penchina, a former eBay executive, says he works harder than anyone in Silicon Valley at building his startup. I routinely point out to him that his startup doesn’t actually do anything – their wiki software is based on the open source MediaWiki project, Google, Looksmart and FM Publishing handle all the revenue via ad sales, and their users create… Read More

  • Wikia's ArmchairGM: Wiki Meets Social Network

    Wikia, a for profit wiki site created by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, acquired ArmchairGM for $2 million last year and got into the sports fan business. The site has been slowly rolling out new features. Wikia CEO Gil Penchina described it to me as “Wiki 2.0” – because it combines the best features of open source wiki software with social networking features like… Read More

  • Wiki Jacking

    Following the decision in January by Wikipedia to strip SEO benefits from outgoing links by adding the link-nofollow tag (see our coverage of how the rule doesn’t apply to certain third party wiki links) the once rampant gaming of Wikipedia has all but disappeared. SEOMoz’s Rand Fishkin posted during the week on a new technique being used that instead of building Google juice to… Read More

  • Wikia Acquires Distributed Web Crawler Grub

    Wikia has acquired the distributed web crawling engine Grub from Looksmart. Grub utlizes spare computing cycles on users’ computers to index the web, a similar concept to that used by SETI@home in the search for extraterrestrial life. Grub originally started in 2000 and was purchased in 2003 by LookSmart. Grub was shut in 2005 following some minor controversy over the closed source code… Read More

  • Wikipedia: Special Treatment for Wikia and some other Wikis

    There was a lot of controversy recently when Wikipedia announced that all outbound links from the online encyclopedia would include the nofollow tag. The nofollow tag on a link is said to prevent link spamming since some search engines (Google among them) do not count links containing the tag towards any weighing of the destination page. What this means is that a link from Wikipedia will no… Read More

  • – No Longer the $3 million Wikipedia Killer

    John Gotts, the entrepreneur who agreed to pay $3 million for the domain name and reportedly told people he was “going to kill Wikipedia” may have thrown in the towel after just a few months. Instead of launching the promised Wiki site with MindTouch software, the site now simply redirects to Wikia, another wiki service affiliated with Wikipedia founder Jimmy… Read More

  • Wikia is Growing – Is Anyone Paying Attention?

    I was going through CEO Gil Penchina’s Wikia presentation slides at the Le Web conference in Paris last month and noticed something that made me realize they could be a huge site some day. According to the company, Wikia is producing 2.5 million page views per day and growing steadily, and their new article growth rate tracks the early days of Wikipedia, nearly identically. The key… Read More

  • The Wikisearch Screenshot Isn't Wikiasari, So What Is It?

    A couple of days ago I posted a screenshot of what I believed to be an early version of the new Wikiasari search engine that Jimmy Wales has been talking about. Our source was good, and I went with it. But Wales is saying that the screenshot has nothing to do with the project, in a comment to that post and also on the Wikiasari page on Wikia (since taken down, but screenshot is here). The… Read More

  • Wikia To Launch Search Engine: Exclusive Screenshot

    Update 12/25/06: Jimmy Wales says this isn’t a Wikiasari screen shot. So what is it? The Times reported earlier today that Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is planning to launch a new search engine next year, to be called Wikiasari. He’s clearly aiming for Google. He says: “Google is very good at many types of search, but in many instances it produces nothing but spam and… Read More

  • Wikia Announces Free Wiki Hosting

    Wikia founder Jimmy Wales believes in “free content for all.” That is why the company launched OpenServing today, a service that is giving away complete Web hosting support to any wiki developer – for free! OpenServing allows anyone to setup and maintain their own collaborative site. Wales told TechCrunch in a phone call today that OpenServing is also intended to go beyond… Read More

  • Wikia Gets An Undisclosed Amount Of Funding From Amazon

    Wikia, a for-profit sister site of Wikipedia, received a second round of funding today, all of it coming from Amazon. No word yet on how much Amazon has forked over. Just this week, Wikia announced that they would purchase ArmchairGM, an online sports community, for $2 million in cash and Wikia stock. In March, we reported that the company received $4 million from Bessemer Venture Partners… Read More

  • Wikia To Buy ArmchairGM for $2 million

    Wikia will announce the acquisition of ArmchairGM sometime this week, according to a source close to the transaction. The company was bought for $2 million in cash and Wikia stock. We briefly mentioned ArmchairGM in a post about a competitor a couple of months ago. The service, which was created by four guys in New York, is a sort of digg-wiki-sports hybrid thing. Apparently the technology… Read More

  • Wikia's Facebook-like College Wikis

    Wikia has quietly launched semi-private college/university wikis. And they’ve taken a page out of Facebook’s game plan by requiring users to have an approved university email address in order to edit the wiki. The wiki itself, however, is viewable by everyone. The goal is to have better data by keeping out people who aren’t directly affiliated with the university. On the… Read More