In-game app-development platform Overwolf acquires CurseForge assets from Twitch to get into mods

Overwolf, the in-game app-development toolkit and marketplace, has acquired Twitch’s CurseForge assets to provide a marketplace for modifications to complement its app development business. Sinc

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales blasts “deranged” companies editing their own pages

In a chat with Guy Kawasaki at South by Southwest, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales spoke out about self-interested parties editing their own pages on the Internet’s collaborative encyclopedia. “C

User-Generated Content Portal Wikia Raises Another $15M To Crack Into Asia

Wikia, the user-generated publishing site started by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, is today announcing a $15 million round of funding to crack into Japan and other Asian markets. As with Wikia's prev

With 1B Pageviews Under Its Belt, UGC Giant Wikia Raises $10.8M From IVP, Bessemer & Amazon

User generated content company Wikia is breaking the news of its raise of over $10.8 million in Series C funding today in a press release soon to be sent out to tech media. The financing was led by In

Wikia Rolls Out Big Redesign To Bring Accessibility, Discovery To 20M Pages Of UGC

You may not be familiar with <a href="">Wikia</a>, but the collaborative media company has been quietly growing into a giant, <a href="

Wikia Says It's Profitable, Goes On Hiring Spree

<img src="" width="215" height="54" /><a href="">Wikia</a>, a for-profit group of user ge

Wikia Finds A Small Following And Some Profits

<img src="" width="215" height="73" /> Are normal people finally starting to warm to wikis as publishing tools? <a href="http://w

Wikia Seems To Have Found An Audience For Wikianswers

<img src="" width="215" height="53" />When <a href="">Jimmy Wales</a> & co earlier

Jimmy Wales Deadpools Wikia Search

<img src="" width="160" height="70" /> It is going to take more than just an open search platform to take on Google. Wikia co-founder Jimmy Wal

Jimmy Wales Quietly Launches Wikianswers

<img src="" /> Here's a question for you. How many Q&A sites does the Web really need? Already, there is <a href="http://an

19,683 Tech Layoffs And Counting

<img src="" /> This has been a brutal month or so for tech layoffs. According to our <a href="">Layo

Confirmed: Wikia Cuts 10% Of Workforce

<img src="" /> <strong>Update</strong>: Wikia has confirmed that about 10 percent of its workers have been laid off, but point

Jimmy Wales: The New Wikia Search API "Is Like Facebook Apps For Search Results."

<img src="" /> Jimmy Wales is opening up the <a href="">Wikia Search</a> engine to anyone w

Wikia Evolution To Help Suck Search Data From Google, Yahoo

Wikia Search, the human edited search engine which we trashed at launch, continues to make incremental improvements (and thankfully they’ve turned down the “This is a Google-killer”

Jimmy Wales: Wikia Search Finally Doesn't Suck

Wikia Search is finally ready to play with. Jimmy Wales admits that up until now his company’s project to apply the wiki concept to search: Pretty much sucked. It has not been usable on a day to

PBWiki Gets An Overhaul

As Google gets into the wiki space with Google Sites (the relaunch of Jotspot), all the other little wiki startups out there will need to keep one step ahead. Those includes Wikia, Socialtext, Wetpain

Wikimedia's 2007 Financials Posted

Wikimedia Foundation posted their audited 2007 financial statements (I’ve embedded the document below) last week. Their fiscal year actually ends June 30, so these are already almost eight month

Video Of Mahalo v. Wikia Search At DLD; Google's Marissa Mayer Weighs In

The organizers of the DLD conference in Munich put on a great show today. One of the more lively sessions was called “Humans Disrupting Algorithms” and featured Wikipedia/Wikia Search&#821

Wikia Search Is A Complete Letdown.

Many of us have waited a year as the Jimmy Wales hype machine promised a human powered search engine that could take on Google. Tonight that search engine launched at, and it ma

Wikia Search Goes Live: Not Great

The long wait for Wikia Search is over with the alpha version of the service now live. As we wrote December 23, Wikia’s Jimmy Wales is pitching the search engine as a Google competitor; its a st
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