Wikia Search

  • Jimmy Wales Deadpools Wikia Search

    It is going to take more than just an open search platform to take on Google. Wikia co-founder Jimmy Wales announced today that he is shutting down Wikia Search, the company’s experiment in creating better search results through crowdsourcing. Wikia Search attempted to port the Wikipedia model over to search by allowing anybody to modify results by including new links or moving… Read More

  • Jimmy Wales: The New Wikia Search API "Is Like Facebook Apps For Search Results."

    Jimmy Wales is opening up the Wikia Search engine to anyone who wants their own data or application to show up in results. Called Wikia Intelligent Search Extensions (WISE), it lets developers create search results based on certain keywords or rules. Wales tells me: It is like Facebook Apps for search results. Wikia Search is launching the WISE framework with a bunch of partners: Digg… Read More

  • Mahalo Has Competition (YouBundle Secret Screen Shots)

    People-powered search engine Mahalo will soon have some competition from a stealth startup called YouBundle. If you go to YouBundle’s site now, there is nothing other than a landing page. But we got our hands on a couple screen shots from the private beta (click above for a larger image and see topic page below) and the guidelines sent to beta testers (reproduced after the… Read More