• Review: POWER A Pro Pack Mini Wii Controller

    Are your Wii controllers far too large for your minuscule hands? Are you dwarfed by the Wii nunchuk? Are you a tiny elf-man, unable to flail at your TV without your strap sliding up your arm, over your shoulders, and down to the floor around your feet? Man, has Power A got something for you. When I saw these controllers for the first time I was a bit confused. The average person… Read More

  • Nintendo: "Yeah, we've sold a whole lot of Wii Remotes. Just saying."

    This is just “Look At Me!” type news, but put in context, it’s rather impressive that Nintendo sold at least 63,500,000 Nintendo Wii Remotes since the Wii’s 2006 launch — just in the US too. This is so many, in fact, that if that number represented citizens of a country, it would be the 22nd most populated country on Earth, falling in between France and the… Read More

  • How about a blue Wii Remote and nunchuck?

    Oh how it must be wonderful to live in Japan. Not only do they get to worship a life size stature of Gundam, but Club Nintendo members will soon get a chance to win blue Wii Remotes and Nunchuks. And all we have over here are dingy white ones we had to pay for. Blah. Read More

  • Nintendo's MotionPlus Wiimote add-on priced and dated

    We kind of knew that MotionPlus was slated for a June release, but we didn’t have official word from Nintendo until now. Read More

  • Wiimote controlled coil gun

    First, a note from the inventor: I’ve seen some of ioBridge projects recently, and in inspired by “ServoBeer” I thought I’d try my hand at one too! I’m really interested in pervasive sensors and opening up more intuitive ways to control systems and have been fascinated by all the great ways the wiimote been used. Yeah, right. Check out the video after the jump. Read More

  • It's a wiimote swaddled in hemp – what?

    What else is there to say? It’s a wiimote that’s been extensively wrapped in hemp string, or yarn, or whatever it’s called. Now personally, I respect hemp but I don’t like to wear or eat it — they had hemp chips in Trader Joe’s yesterday and I went with flaxseed. Its creator calls it the hempmote, which makes it sound like a little tiny mote of hemp. If… Read More

  • Wii-controlled guitar

    Rob Morris added a Wiimote to his guitar and ran the accelerometer output through his synth gear. The result is quite cool, in a “I taped a Wiimote to my guitar” kind of way and but he sadly doesn’t include instructions for us who would like to be about to rock, Wario-style. Read More

  • Tokyo Jogging: Run through Tokyo with your Wiimote and Google Street View

    http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1683367&server=vimeo.com&show_title=1&show_byline=1&show_portrait=0&color=&fullscreen=1 Tokyo Jogging is the name of a cool idea Ryo Katsuma, a renowned Japanese software engineer, single-handedly turned into reality in his spare time. Katsuma-san’s project is a mashup of Wii technology and Google Street View. Users… Read More

  • Four pack Wiimote charging station on its way

    Invite your friends over for some quality casual gaming with no worries about your Wiimote losing its charge. The Wii is a shared adventure, all the ads tell us so. As such, it seems even the peripherals come as a community. This 4X Quad Charge Station from Penguin will be priced at $44.99 and be capable of charging – you guessed it – four Wiimotes at the same time. Handy little… Read More

  • Should Nintendo do anything to help out the makers of the Weemote?

    Does Nintendo owe Fobis Technologies, maker of the Weemote, anything? Did it infringe upon the tiny Florida-based company’s trademark? Donna wants to know. Well, Time wants to know. The Weemote, which as we’ve mentioned here in the past, is a television remote control for kids that pre-dates the introduction of the Nintendo Wii by some six years. Now Fobis is complaining that… Read More

  • Nintendo's Wii MotionPlus enhances Wiimote sensitivity

    Nintendo’s going to be demoing this tomorrow, but it’s worth mentioning today. The MotionPlus accessory attaches to the port on your WiiMote and “allows for more comprehensive tracking of a player’s arm position and orientation.” Sounds good to me; I’m guessing it’s basically another set of accelerometers and such that work in concert with the… Read More

  • Rumor confirmed: Wiimote-like controller coming for Xbox 360

    A couple days ago we posted a sketch from MTV news detailing a new Wiimote-like controller for the Xbox 360. Today, 8bitjoystick has some more information about the device, more or less confirming it’s coming, and it has a name: Newton. Also, 8bit confirms that there was a job listing on the Xbox website for someone to work on the Newton project. We’re still guessing it’ll… Read More

  • Video: PopCast shows a modded Wiimote instrument, controlled via yo-yo

    I’ve never seen PopCast before, but this is great for two reasons. First, we see how a Wiimote can be modified by a yo-yo into a sort of sample trigger. Second, this guy’s got amazing chops. I’m pretty good with a yo-yo, but I have nothing on this guy. Read More

  • Fake Wiimote Games Surface at Wal-Mart

    I havne’t seen one of these yet, but that might be because I’m politically opposed to Wal-Mart, so I don’t go there. But others do. It’s a Wiimote ripoff with some crappy small-screen football game. If this isn’t a sign that the Wii is kicking much ass, I’m not sure what is. Can someone out there get me a demo unit to review? Thanks. Hit the link for… Read More

  • iPhone vs. Wiimote vs. Baby: Who Will Reign Supreme?

    Kottke has an excellent comparison on who/what has the most sensitive built-in accelerometer. The contenders are the Apple iPhone, Nintendo Wiimote and Kottke’s newborn son, Ollie. Awww. Cute. Barf. If you’ve manhandled the iPhone then you know the accelerometer needs to be coddled or you’ll be stuck in portrait hell or vice versa for at least 5 seconds. Am I wrong? You… Read More

  • New, Tighter Wii Remote Control Straps Spotted: Clips That Actually Lock In Place

    I bet Nintendo didn’t anticipate so many people losing control of their Wii remote controls, destroying TVs and ruining marriages in the process. To remedy that, the company has been releasing improved remote control wrist straps since the system’s launch. Another such Wii strap revision has appeared over the weekend, this one featuring even tighter clips. These clips lock rather… Read More

  • Using Second Life and a Wiimote For Job Training

    They’re training to be Power Rangers Not a week goes by that there’s not a Second Life story to hate on. This Friday edition of “Second Life is really, really, really stupid” brings us news that an MIT researcher is using the “game” and the Wiimote to create training simulators for various companies. (Incidentally, the researcher, one David E. Stone, called… Read More

  • Awesome Make/Hack: Wiimote PowerGlove

    We like the Wii here at CrunchGear. It’s Nintendo doing right what it did wrong with the ill-fated PowerGlove and the U-Force: making motion control real. That being said, anyone who’s seen The Wizard knows that at one time the PowerGlove was the coolest thing we’d ever seen. It was the Holy Grail of video gaming, as it had the ability to make us look like not-too-dorky cyborgs. Read More

  • Rez With The Wiimote: Did they Get It to Vibrate?

    Some crafty gamer got the idea of emulating the classic Dreamcast game Rez on his PC and using the Wiimote and a script to play it with. As expected, a game like Rez combined with the Wiimote leads to hours of stoner-shooter fun. Pulsating techno beats combined with the fanboyism of the Wiimote? Sign me up. Rez with the Wiimote could be the best thing ever [Wii Fanboy] Read More

  • The Evolution of the Computer Mouse: As Excting As It Sounds

    Programmers may have no need for the computer mouse, but the rest of us do. Wired went through the trouble of going back in time some 45 years to see how the mouse has evolved from this hulking wooden device to an LCD-laden modern day clicker. Look for future mouse innovations like motion sensitivity (à la the Wiimote) and automatic color changing. The Evolution of the Computer… Read More