• How would a $400 PS3 affect holiday sales?

    Sales of this, however, are expected to surge While a $400 PS3 still hasn’t officially been announced for North America yet, let’s assume it’s going to happen. Let’s also assume it happens in time for the holiday shopping season. Where would this put Sony, vis-a-vis Microsoft and Nintendo? According to several industry analysts, don’t expect Sony to rocket to the… Read More

  • Logitech keyboard for the Wii

    Because you do so much surfing on your Wii, Logitech has announced the Classic Keyboard 200. The full-sized USB keyboard is spill-resistant so when you knock over your grape soda in a fit of rage while waiting for the damn dialogue to finish during Paper Mario you’ll be okay. I realize you won’t be using the keyboard during game play, but it’ll be close enough to suffer from… Read More

  • New Wii bundles for the holidays?

    Maxconsole has a rumor that a new Wii bundle from Nintendo is expected to hit for the holidays. No word on what’s in the bundle, just that it’ll cost $289.99 MSRP and will have a new SKU. We’re guessing it’ll include two controllers and the Zapper. Hoping, really. Rumor: New Wii sku due soon [MaxCon] Read More

  • Win a Wii covered in blood

    Well, fake blood at least. Looks like Rockstar Games, the folks behind the popular Grand Theft Auto series, are giving away a 50-inch plasma TV and a Nintendo Wii covered in “blood”. Don’t worry though, it’s just a couple of stickers on the system and the Wiimote, so you won’t be getting the HIVRageMonkeyVirus anytime soon. If you win, you’ll also get a copy… Read More

  • SEGA Winter Wonderland Event

    Yesterday, I managed to muster enough strength to drag myself to SEGA’s Winter Wonderland event at the Royalton Hotel in Manhattan. Upon arriving at the Penthouse floor, I saw a few LCD screens setup, all with Xbox 360s or Nintendo Wiis – not one PS3. There were only seven to 10 games total to see and all the coolest ones were under embargo, so the event was pretty lame. Read More

  • Guitar Hero 3 gets 16 new tracks

    Activion is pulling out all the stops on Guitar Hero 3. They’ve just announced 16 more tracks for the guitar wielding rock fest. I just wish I didn’t suck at it so much because Sunshine of Your Love by Cream is the shiznit. The Sonic Youth, Dead Kennedys, White Zombie, Aerosmith (!), Bloc Party, Disburbed and The Killers (why? wtf!) have joined the stacked lineup. Hit the jump for… Read More

  • Live in Japan? Own a Wii?

    Dude, you’re getting a Wiimote “jacket” for free. Official Nintendo Site Read More

  • Big surprise: Nintendo won't have enough Wii this holiday season

    This December, a lot of little boys and girls are going to be severely disappointed when they discover they didn’t get a Nintendo Wii for Christmas or Hanukkah. Don’t blame the ‘rents though, because Nintendo is (probably) purposely not manufacturing enough Wiis to keep up with demand. Is there any proof of this? No, but a year after the console’s launch, you still… Read More

  • The Console Wars

    http://www.glumbert.com/embed/consolewars glumbert – Console Wars Animated Hehehe. It’s all so true! Read More