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  • Nintendo May Enable Two Wii U Controllers At Once After All

    Nintendo May Enable Two Wii U Controllers At Once After All

    One of the big disappointments at E3 was the news that Nintendo’s weird new console, the Wii U, would only support one of their tablet controllers at once. But recent losses have made them reconsider their situation and the opportunities presented by allowing a second controller to be used in the home — and sold at stores. We were initially skeptical of the new system, as rumor… Read More

  • Square Enix Announces Online RPG Dragon Quest X For Wii And Wii U

    Square Enix Announces Online RPG Dragon Quest X For Wii And Wii U

    The Tokyo Game Show 2011 is just ten days away, but Square Enix preferred to hold a separate press conference in Tokyo to announce their next big game, Dragon Quest X [JP]. Perhaps the biggest surprises, after months of anticipation, are that the tenth installment in the 25-year old RPG series will be an online RPG and available on both the Wii and the Wii U. The full title of the game will… Read More

  • Redesigned Wii To Launch Before Christmas, Loses Gamecube Backwards Compatibility

    Redesigned Wii To Launch Before Christmas, Loses Gamecube Backwards Compatibility

    Nintendo is prepping a slightly retooled Wii for a pre-holiday release. This streamlined model sits horizontally (as a game console should) instead of vertically like the original. It’s also slightly smaller, lacks the ability to play Gamecube games, and will likely hit at a lower price. This move has standard procedure for game makers ever since the original NES. In an effort to… Read More

  • Valve Warms Toward Nintendo With Wii U

    Don’t expect Episode 3 to come to your New Controller any time soon, but Valve’s Gabe Newell has made some noises about Nintendo being included in their “scalability model.” What he means is that there was no way they were downsizing a game to fit on the Wii, but the Wii U might have the chops to make it worth porting games to. For a long time Nintendo has been the… Read More

  • The Wii U Console Breaks Free And Is Fully Exposed

    Nintendo proudly showed off the Wii U controller at E3. During the company’s presser, it was plastered on a massive screen time and time again. Then on the show floor, anyone could play with it as long as they were willing to give up half a day waiting in line. But the actual console was just neatly stuffed in the wall, hiding all its secrets. Until Inside Games came along and managed… Read More

  • Wii U Is Coming Spring/Summer 2012, Sega Exec Says

    A Sega marketing exec, speaking to Gamespot, blurted out that the Wii U will probably launch spring/summer of 2012, a proposition that sounds a bit fishy. We could see Nintendo announcing availability at E3 2012 and then selling it around the holidays, thereby sewing up 2012 and 2013 in terms of console sales, but a spring launch just doesn’t make much sense. Read More

  • Nintendo Booth at E3 2011

    Videos And Gallery: Nintendo’s Booth, Wii U, And New 3DS Games

    We got a chance to try out the Wii U this morning, going through Nintendo’s gauntlet of “experiences” and getting a feel for The New Controller. And yes, that’s what it’s called for now — we asked. And no, they didn’t get into detail about the hardware. But we played the hell out of their demos and yes, it is as fun as it looks. Read More

  • The Nintendo Wii U Completes The Traditional Nintendo Circle Of Life

    There’s seemingly a philosophy inside Nintendo that form factors and ideas don’t die, but rather are shelved and re-released once the proper technology is ready. The Wii U is just the latest in a long line of consoles that use rather old form factors and ideas. Just look at this chart we found on Reddit. The Nintendo Watch & Game spawned the DS 24 years later, the Power… Read More

  • The Nintendo Wii U Won E3 2011

    Alright, everyone. You can go home. E3 2011 is a mainly bust besides Nintendo’s amazing Wii U. Microsoft added Bing to the 360 and Sony announced the name of the NGP, the Vita. Sure, there are several clever games like Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, and several new Zelda games. But there really isn’t anything new per se here. It’s a bunch of rehashing of the same… Read More

  • Nintendo Announces The Wii U, A Unique Controller/Console Combo

    Nintendo just announced the Wii U, a new console/controller combo that includes a large, touchscreen controller with control buttons similar to those found on current Wii controllers. The system is considerably upgraded over the Wii and you can use the Wii U controller in many “unique” (hence the U) ways. The graphics are truly next-gen and this firmly places Nintendo in with the… Read More

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