Launcher lets you create iOS widgets that display or hide based on day, time or location

You may remember Launcher as the once-banned iOS widget that Apple booted from the App Store after its approval, then months later allowed back in. The problem Apple had with the app, seemingly, is t

Workflow Lets You Put Shortcuts To Frequent Actions Right In iOS’ Notification Center

Workflow, the clever if somewhat geeky app aimed at iOS power users that helps you automate frequent tasks you perform on your iPhone or tablet, like ordering an Uber to your next event, making a GIF

Philips Shows Off How You’ll Be Able To Control Your Hue Lights From Notification Center In iOS 8

Philips Hue is already a pretty effective and easy way of setting up a connected home lighting system, but it can be even easier thanks to changes Apple made in iOS 8. The update lets third-party deve

LG Electronics to stuff ARM processors into HDTVs

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/arm11_imx31.jpg">HDTVs are increasingly becoming Internet appliances as much as they are televisions. The latest trend from all the major

Video: Yahoo!'s Connected TV clutters your HDTV with widgets, but we're OK with that

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/tv_widgets_yahoo_1.jpg" alt="" />First announced at CES, Yahoo!’s widget engine, Connected TV, is now shipping with the Samsung 7000 se

Exclusive: First look at IPEVO's Wi-Fi Skype handset and other goodies

IPEVO has lots of experience at making hardware for Skype and they’ve been there from the start. Over the years they’ve slowly branched out into other venues to satisfy the masses with POV web cam

Released Sony Bravia SDK means widgets are coming

Who hasn’t sat in front of their HDTV thinking about wonderful little apps that could float on top of live TV all widget-like: weather, RSS feeds, webcams, sports scores, anything. Now Sony h

Caught in the act: Panasonic's Vieracast, NeoPDP ‘slim’ HDTV

My friends! IFA is beginning to take off, and I finally had a few minutes to grab some photos of some that Panasonic hotness I mentioned yesterday. Behold, Vieracast. Like I said, it’s sorta lik

Zumobi launches widget service for BlackBerry

Microsoft spin-off Zumobi announced that its widget platform is now available for BlackBerrys. Zumobi is ad-supported and promises to enhance smartphone users experience “by providing easy access to

Sony opens up Mylo 2 developer community, widgets galore

Sony is lifting the floodgates on the developer community site so start making all those widgets and share with others or learn how to make some. On top of the community generated widgets, Sony will r

Samsung F480 hands-on

http://www.crunchgear.com/video/player.swf?movie=p480.flv Took us a while to get this footage up but here’s a look at the home screen on the F480, which looks quite cool. As usual, this phone wi

Tuning Lamp is part lamp, part PC, part no-idea

[photopress:lamp_pc.jpg,full,center] Look at this gadget, called Tuning Lamp by its designer, and you’d half-think it’s a prop from a sci-fi movie. Too bad it’s just a render at this

Again, Chumby really is the bees knees

From this Flickr set With every Chumby piece I read, the desire to whip out my credit card increases in kind. Bits bought a Chumby—it’s not a review unit, in other words—and gave it

General public can now purchase Chumby

Surely you remember Chumby, the adorable little widget monster who has been in development for well over a year. If you’ve been waiting to get one into your living room, you can now do so thanks

Run your Google Desktop gadgets on your iGoogle page

With Google’s new Desktop 5.5 Beta, you’re now able to run the gadgets once relegated to your computer’s sidebar right on your web browser’s personalized iGoogle start page. Be

Apple Releases My iTunes

Looking to take your iTunes experience one step further? Check out My iTunes, an official set of iTunes widgets from Apple that are aimed at getting you socially involved with your (legally purchased)

iPhone Firmware Unleashes Widgets And FM Tuner

Tyler from iPhoneology has uncovered a few interesting things whilst perusing through his iPhone’s firmware. He’s under the impression that an FM tuner is a strong candidate to be unleashed for th

3D Widget Dashboards Could Make Leopard Even Easier to Use When Browsing Widgets

I’m usually pretty excited to hear Apple news but this interests me to the level of 0.0. It seems Apple is working on a cube-like spinning system that will presumably allow you to add multiple p

Ebay Widgets: Share Your Auctions With More than Just Nigerian Scammers and the Elderly

http://www.podtech.net/player/podtech-player.swf?bc=59ffa73f-fa0a-4441-a71d-28e7d425017f Well here’s a bit of news from eBay I can get behind. I’ve all but given up on eBay at this point &

Mobio Expands from Movies to Everything Else

, a service that used XML mashup-theory to bring about an easy, handheld way to find movie times and related tasks. Mobio, in the intervening time, has been busy, and now offers a full-on army of &#82
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