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  • Ebyline: Why Is This A Business? (TCTV)

    Earlier this week, Erick wrote about Ebyline – a new site, founded by some former LA Times-ers that promised to make it easier for talented freelance journalists to get gigs with legitimate publications. Or to put it another way, if Associated Content makes you want to kill yourself, Ebyline is the site for you. But will editors actually use it? We invited Giga Om founder Om Malik to join… Read More

  • WITN?: Can India Succeed in Exporting Mobile Services Like It Did with Bollywood? (TCTV)

    We’re not going to lie to you—this video may feature the world’s worst Skype connection. And that was after 45 minutes of trouble-shooting. While we have no problems connecting to entrepreneurs in Russia or Kenya, apparently London is the land that Skype forgot, which is pretty ironic given it was funded there. But such old-world telecom connections are the new reality for… Read More

  • Is Digital Eavesdropping Evil? Depends Which Country Is Doing It (TCTV)

    Is Digital Eavesdropping Evil? Depends Which Country Is Doing It (TCTV)

    First we had the Google vs China debacle, then came Saudi Arabia’s tussle with RIM. And now it’s India’s turn: threatening to block RIM, Google and Skype unless the companies agree to set up localised servers, all the better for state monitoring of communications. Curiously, compared to the outrage levelled at the Saudi and Chinese governments, American reaction to… Read More

  • Want to Tap into Brazil’s Money Spending Web World? Learn Portuguese or Move (TCTV)

    Web adoption is growing faster in Latin America than anywhere on the planet, according to comScore. Its audience grew 23% over the last year, and currently makes up 8% of the global Web population. That’s larger than the Middle-East and Africa’s Web audiences combined, and almost half of North America’s Web population. But underneath those rosy top-line numbers, the Latin… Read More

  • Kenya: A Land of Endless Mobile Possibility (TCTV)

    Some may get crushes on Hollywood stars. Some get crushes on blue, fictional Aliens. Sarah gets crushes on countries. And right now she is obsessed with Kenya. The closest she’s been is Rwanda, but at Cape Town’s Net Prophet conference last spring, several speakers made a compelling case for why Kenya– not South Africa–was the up-and-coming African tech hot spot to… Read More

  • Can DC’s Tech Scene Finally Create Its Own Identity? Yes, It Can! [TCTV]

    With apologies to AOL and Frank Gruber, few big tech hits have come out of Washington DC. Which is strange, because on paper, DC has those “ingredients” for a high-tech ecosystem that so-called experts love to tout. It has money, it has universities, it has AOL which could theoretically spin smart coders off, it has a big, honking, recession-proof customer right there in the form… Read More

  • TCTV Fight! "Crowdsourcing Movies Will Cause America’s Creative Collapse"

    It’s not often that we fight. Actually, no, that’s not even slightly true. It’s not often that we fight on camera. But this week’s episode of Too Long; Didn’t Watch is one of those times. Our guest is Gene Massey from Cinema Shares – an LA-based startup that hopes to allow filmakers and other media moguls to do mini-IPOs to raise capital for their projects. Read More

  • CrowdVoice’s Esra’a Al Shafei: "All the ISPs are State Regulated, and We Have Nowhere To Go"

    CrowdVoice’s Esra’a Al Shafei: "All the ISPs are State Regulated, and We Have Nowhere To Go"

    It started with an email from Esra’a Al Shafei, a 24-year-old female political activist living in Bahrain… “Hi Paul, a few months ago you wrote an article about documenting violence through social media – whether it’s even appropriate to Twitpic/YouTube/Tweet etc live events as your primary reaction, instead of actually helping out. In fact that article of… Read More

  • TL;DW: VC Investment Moving From Silicon Valley To Where? Disneyland? [Video]

    First came reports of how many more deals Ron Conway was doing in New York than he’s done in the past. Then, there was a report that showed the number of venture firms were predicted to decline in traditional markets, and grow in emerging markets like China, India and Brazil. Now, the latest Pepperdine Capital Markets Survey finds that Silicon Valley based VCs have wanderlust… Read More

  • In Colombia, One Laptop Per Child is “The Most Wonderful Tool They Could Possibly Have” [Video]

    In this week’s episode of Too Long; Didn’t Watch, we talk to Maureen Orth. An award winning journalist, Special Correspondent for Vanity Fair Magazine, former correspondent for NBC and author of two best-selling books, Orth’s career as a journalist spans four decades. Her passion though is education, specifically as founder of the Marina Orth Foundation which promotes… Read More

  • [TechCrunch TV] Alleged Russian Phone Thief: "I Have No Phones"

    Nokia is determined to compete with Apple at every level – even in sending the authorities to strong-arm journalists. In a slightly creepy post titled “one of our children is missing,” the cell phone giant has accused Russian blogger, Eldar Murtazin of stealing a prototype of its newest handset. The company also claims that Murtazin is refusing to respond to their letters… Read More

  • TechCrunchTV: No Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Invest

    So, we finally got around to taping the first episode of our show for TechCrunchTV. It took us a while to figure out what the show was actually going to be but we knew the name: “Too Long; Didn’t Watch.” If I have to explain that to anyone, you clearly haven’t read either of our work. Originally it was going to be a hilarious romp through the week’s news, but it… Read More

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