• After Technology Destroys Capitalism Crunch Network

    After Technology Destroys Capitalism

    In honor of May Day, let’s think big for a moment. No, no, no. Bigger than that. Consider all the furious attention paid to economic inequality of late, courtesy of Thomas Piketty and Capital in the 21st Century. He argues that increasing inequality is an inevitable outcome of laissez-faire capitalism, and proposes we fix this with a global wealth tax. I humbly suggest that… Read More

  • Sing Now The Praises Of Klout’s Klumsy Kludges

    Sing Now The Praises Of Klout’s Klumsy Kludges

    Over the last month, Charles Stross memorably called the online influence measurer Klout “the internet equivalent of herpes,” Rohn Miller of Social Media Today exhorted people to “Delete your Klout profile now,” John Scalzi lambasted it as “sad, and possibly evil,” the New York Times wrote about parents’ outrage when they discovered Klout was… Read More

  • The Twuffies and the Twusties

    Dave Winer joins a long list of unhappy Twitterers including Leo Laporte, Robert Scoble, and new media stars who’ve not yet translated to the mainstream media hot list. Winer already has earned 20,000 followers the old fashioned way, and mostly he’s not pleased at having that number dwarfed within hours by inclusion of the Twitter favored list. He, Scoble, and others suggest… Read More