• Groupon Acquires Whrrl Creator Pelago

    Daily deals site Groupon has acquired Whrrl creator Pelago this morning. The iFund-back Whrrl is a LBS services app that allows people to check into places like Foursquare. No word on the price of the acquisition. Groupon CEO Andrew Mason writes: “Here’s a great way to start the week…  We’re excited to announce that the minds at Pelago, creators of Whrrl, have… Read More

  • Mark Cuban Dreams Of Minority Report. So Do I. But We're Not There Yet

    Mark Cuban Dreams Of Minority Report. So Do I. But We're Not There Yet

    “Location Check in is so 2010,” Mark Cuban writes today on his blog. His thought is that facial recognition hardware/software installed in public venues is going to replace the need for users to actually check-in to a place. I absolutely agree. But I think we’re ten years away from that happening. And maybe more. If you’ve seen the Steven Spielberg movie Minority… Read More

  • Loopt Star Keeps It Simple: Check-Ins, Specials, And Facebook

    Back in January, we noted that Loopt was sending around a deck to advertisers showing off a new product. The product was focused on check-in specials (the kind popularized by Foursquare) and was entirely built on top of Facebook’s social graph. Finally, nearly 6 months later, that app is here. Loopt Star is in some ways a simplified version of Loopt’s regular location-based service. Read More

  • Check.in Checks Out Of Closed Beta And Into Your HTML5-Compatible Device

    Back in March, I wrote about the problem of check-in fatigue. That is, with so many location-based check-in services now out there, it’s exhausting to open each one every time to check-in to the same place across multiple networks. The solution, for now at least, is Check.in. And it’s ready to open to everyone tonight. Check.in is an HTML5 web app made by Brightkite that allows you… Read More

  • Check-In Fatigue. Or, Why I'm Rooting For An All-Out Location War.

    Check-In Fatigue. Or, Why I'm Rooting For An All-Out Location War.

    I didn’t have the same problems at SXSW this year that some people did. Was it too crowded at some events? Sure. But there were plenty of alternative things to do. Did some of the keynotes bomb? Yes. But there were plenty of other things to listen to. Did AT&T fail? No. Actually, they did an awesome job keeping the network up. Instead, I had a problem of a different kind… Read More

  • Apple Gets Location Fever Too In The App Store

    Apple Gets Location Fever Too In The App Store

    SXSW Interactive is now over. While a clear winner in the “Location War” has yet to be determined, the truth is that many of the location-based services won, as all of them got a huge amount of exposure over the past week. And look for that trend to continue in a big way, as Apple is now highlighting several of them in the App Store. As you can see in the images in this post, Apple… Read More

  • Whrrl 3 Wants To Kill Farmville. Not Foursquare. Not Gowalla. Farmville.

    Whrrl 3 Wants To Kill Farmville. Not Foursquare. Not Gowalla. Farmville.

    Pelago knows that just about every location-based app in the world is seeking coverage right now just prior to SXSW where they will all battle Highlander-style. So they approached me with a pretty smart pitch: curing the “social rut.” What they mean by that is these days, despite the prevalence of social networks, people are actually less social than ever because they’re… Read More

  • Whrrl, Still Trying To Find Its Way In Location, Focuses On "Footstreams"

    Much of the web is based around clickstreams. The latest version of Whrrl, a location-based application by Pelago, wants to take that concept into the real world, with “footstreams.” Up until this point, since the launch of version 2 of its iPhone app earlier this year, Whrrl’s focus has been on storytelling. That is, allowing users to tag places they’re at with stories… Read More

  • The State of Location-Based Social Networking On The iPhone

    We’ve been bullish about location-based social networks for quite awhile now, especially since Apple announced that it would open up the iPhone to developers. And with two significant developments in this space just this week (more on that below), we thought it would be a good time to take a step back and look at the options currently available through the Apple App Store. What makes… Read More

  • Whrrl: Map and Mobile-Centric Social Reviews

    Sometimes products are easy to sum up in single sentences, sometimes they are most definitely not. Whrrl, a new site by Pelago, is one of those that eludes definition. Hence, Pelago’s need to describe it unhelpfully as “a seamlessly integrated Web and mobile experience that is social, useful, and fun” (I admit, my headline’s not that much better). Let’s start with… Read More