• Man killed by gun-toting robot in his own driveway!

    [photopress:starscream_deletedscene1.jpg,full,center] At first the headline grabs your attention, but then you read the story and find out that the man who died built the killer robot specifically to kill himself. I’m sorry, but that is so badass. He was an 81-year old man who’s out of state relatives wanted to put him in a nursing home, because they were selfish bastards. So… Read More

  • Hold on, man: OS X has secret Windows-compatible features hidden away, could run Windows apps fairly soon?

    One of the last remaining reasons why some people don’t make the switch to the Mac from a Windows machine is that the have certain apps that aren’t available on the Mac. It’s a hard argument to win from the Mac perspective. Though there are usually alternative programs available, often better ones, some users are really into certain apps. It happens. That being said, the… Read More

  • 50% of the world has a cellphone, so say the numbers

    It’s official: exactly one half of the Earth’s population is taking it up the tailpipe from cellphone companies. 3.3 billion mobile phone lines are currently being used, which comes out to roughly one phone line per every other person on the planet. Considering that twenty years ago only 35 countries had any form of mobile network, it’s an amazing growth rate. Today every… Read More