white led

  • Toshiba develops UV LED with extremely white lighting

    Toshiba Japan has developed an LED that emits UV light with 50% higher efficiency than conventional LEDs. The problem with existing white LEDs is that they are made by coating phosphors on blue LEDs and too weak to light bigger areas such as parking lots or supermarkets. Toshiba says their prototype UV LED is made by placing a layer of aluminum nitride between the sapphire substrate and… Read More

  • New substance paves the way for better, brighter LEDs in the near future

    Japanese newspapers are reporting today that Mitsui Kinzoku, an Osaka-based mining and smelting company, might have paved the way to more powerful and ecological LEDs in the future. The key is a mix between red and blue phosphor, combined with blue LEDs, which leads to the production of extremely pure white light (wave length: 450nm). Mitsui Kinzoku claims the white light created this way is… Read More