White hat

Cybersecurity professional accused of stealing $9M in crypto

The U.S. government accused a cybersecurity professional of hacking a cryptocurrency exchange and stealing around $9 million in cryptocurrency, in what looks like a case of an ethical hacker turning r

Strike Security lands $5.4M seed funding to make pen testing more accessible

Strike Security, a continuous penetration testing platform that combines automation with ethical hackers, has secured a $5.4 million seed investment to make bug hunting more accessible to small busine

The four cybersecurity terms everyone is talking about at Black Hat

Here are four cybersecurity terms that will root many conversations, both on the expo floor and among experts and analysts in the briefing rooms at Black Hat.

Snapchat Downplays Phone Number Matching Hack, Says It’s Added New Counter-Measures

Following security researchers publishing a way to match Snapchat usernames to phone numbers, Snapchat has published a skimpy statement making the hack sound impractical and noting "We recently added