Bespoken Spirits raises $2.6M in seed funding to combine machine learning and accelerated whiskey aging

Bespoken Spirits, a Silicon Valley spirits company that has developed a new data-driven process to accelerate the aging of whiskey and create specific flavors, today announced that it has raised a $2.

Oh no, there’s AI whiskey now

Forget all those whiskey brands from musicians and celebs — there’s AI whiskey now. Microsoft this week announced it has teamed up with Finnish tech company Fourkind and Sweden-based disti

New York Startup Caskers Offers Rare Spirits Online

Whether you're into delicately sipping a fine brandy in the company of beautiful men and women in some smoky, wood-paneled bar in Zurich or, like me, you would rather drink an entire bottle of Maker's

Leveraging Social Media for Contest Promotion

<img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/canadian_club_classic_gr.jpeg"> <i>This guest post is by Eric Schwamberger, President, <a HREF="http://www.zezzanetwork.com/">Zezza Network</a