• New York Startup Caskers Offers Rare Spirits Online

    New York Startup Caskers Offers Rare Spirits Online

    Whether you’re into delicately sipping a fine brandy in the company of beautiful men and women in some smoky, wood-paneled bar in Zurich or, like me, you would rather drink an entire bottle of Maker’s Mark in your shed while dreaming of Melissa Wycliffe, the girl who wouldn’t go to prom with you, Caskers aims to be your one-stop shop for all your tippling needs. Read More

  • Leveraging Social Media for Contest Promotion

    This guest post is by Eric Schwamberger, President, Zezza Network. Zezza helped the staid old whiskey brand, Canadian Club, create an online game called the Canadian Club Hide A Case contest. It’s an interesting look at how to build engagement without resorting to retweets. When leveraged correctly, social media is an undeniably powerful tool for contest promotion. It’s important… Read More