• Whiskey Media Raises $2.5 Million To Launch More Structured Content Sites

    Cnet founder Shelby Bonnie and other angels have put another $2.5 million into Whiskey Media, which operates niche media sites such as ComicVine (comics), GiantBomb (gaming), and AnimeVice (anime). The company, which has been around since 2007, previously raised about $1.5 million in angel money as well. Whiskey Media’s sites are wiki-like content sites in the vein of CrunchBase or… Read More

  • Whiskey Media Quietly Growing, Innovating With Former CNET Team

    Former CNET cofounder and CEO Shelby Bonnie founded Whiskey Media in 2007 as a platform to build media and entertainment content sites. The company, located in stunningly beautiful Sausalito, California (north of San Francisco) has no outside shareholders pestering them for a quick exit – the five cofounders, all former CNETers (Shelby Bonnie, Mike Tatum, Ethan Lance, Dave Snider and… Read More

  • Ex-GameSpotters Launch GiantBomb, The Gaming Encyclopedia

    Last winter GameSpot, one of the web’s largest video game sites, was embroiled in a scandal that led to the loss of a number of veteran employees and, as far as many gamers are concerned, any shred of credibility. On November 28 the site suddenly fired Editorial Director Jeff Gerstmann who had been with the site for over 10 years. Rumors soon emerged that Gerstmann had been fired… Read More

  • Yahoo Launches Dashboard For 2008 Elections

    Yahoo already has a 2008 election site with deep content on the candidates and issues. But digging through all that content to find relevant stats comparing the candidates can take awhile. This afternoon the Elections team launched a new part of the site, called Dashboard, which contains basic polling and funding stats for each candidate in one easy to read screen. Each candidate is listed… Read More

  • This Website Will Tell You Who To Vote For

    In the event you’re in too much of a hurry to check out the presidential candidates yourself, the Internet can now do it for you. Connect2Elect is a new website that lets users add candidate attributes and issue positions that are important to them, and see who they should vote on. Issues are broken down by social (abortion, gay marriage, stem cell research), political (Iraq war… Read More

  • CNET Founder Shelby Bonnie Unveils His New Startup: PoliticalBase

    Shelby Bonnie left the company he co-founded with Halsey Minor, CNET, just about one year ago. This morning he launches his next startup, PoliticalBase. The site, which focuses on local, state and national elections and other political matters, is timed perfectly to take advantage of the 2008 presidential elections and the estimated $4.5 billion that will be spent on advertising to promote… Read More

  • ComicVine, A Place For Superheroes

    If StyleDiary ain’t your thing, my guess is ComicVine could be right up your alley. The site is from the same CNET veterans that created the car social network, Boompa, which we profiled back in June. ComicVine has a very similar interface as the very well designed Boompa. ComicVine is user generated, wiki-like content. Every superhero has his or her own page, with basic bio information… Read More