• Suburbs suffering, no broadband in sight

    In the vast hinterlands known as the American suburbs a great evil has awoken. While those in the cities lie quiet in slumber, FiOS pumping out Usenet data at alarming rates, the poor victims lying quietly in their McMansions are still using cable modems. Read More

  • One Laptop Per Child stings you with shipping

    Watch out, kid. OLPC is gunning for you. Wait a minute, people. I know babies need their laptops, but the OLPC program is charging $24.95 for shipping. In fact, ZDNet blogger Larry Dignan got “hit” with the shipping charge, leading to mass hysteria over at the old Dignan house while daddy Dignan raged through the basement looking for his hidden whiskey and meth while Mrs. Dignan… Read More

  • Why NBC left iTunes: Apple ruined the music business, killed NBC's chocolate lab with car

    Apple destroyed the music business in terms of pricing. That’s right, friends. It wasn’t the industry’s reliance on the album model. It wasn’t their inability to react quickly and decisively to online threats. It wasn’t their failure to create a better pricing model than 99 cents a track, $12 an album. It wasn’t their self-defeating and expensive attack on… Read More