• How PayPal Can Help Where Close The Loop From Mobile Intent To Purchase

    How PayPal Can Help Where Close The Loop From Mobile Intent To Purchase

    Why is eBay buying Where.com? It’s all about trying to link mobile ads directly to payments. Where will fall under PayPal. The geo-location service and mobile advertising company already has millions of active users across many mobile platforms (it is stronger on Android than on the iPhone). Where serves up both recommendations for nearby places to places to eat, drink, play, or shop… Read More

  • Where Is Awarded The "Mother Of All Geofencing Patents"

    Where Is Awarded The "Mother Of All Geofencing Patents"

    Just as geo mobile services are taking off, the U.S. Patent Office has awarded an extremely broad patent on “Location-based services” to Where. Patent No. 7,848,765 covers 31 claims ranging from sending an alert to offering a coupon when somebody crosses a geofence with a mobile device. Where CEO Walter Doyle calls it the “mother of all geofencing patents.” A geofence… Read More

  • With A New Local Discovery Engine, WHERE Wants To Own The "Pre Check-in" Experience

    We’ve all been there before: You’ve just moved to a new city, the fridge is empty, and you need some grub. You pop into the nearest restaurant and.. it’s not bad. So you start branching out. You check out spots a few more blocks from home. Within a few weeks, you find comfort in your favorite spots, and fall into a bit of a rut; two months in and surrounded by new restaurants… Read More

  • Where Buys LocalGinger To Gain Location-Based Social Commerce Know-How

    Location-based media company Where has acquired LocalGinger, which operates a daily deal / group buying service with the same name. LocalGinger focuses on secondary markets for its social commerce activities, which it says has allowed it to build a strong following in select cities. So why is Where buying the privately-held flash commerce startup? In a nutshell, to ramp up its advertising… Read More

  • The State of Location-Based Social Networking On The iPhone

    We’ve been bullish about location-based social networks for quite awhile now, especially since Apple announced that it would open up the iPhone to developers. And with two significant developments in this space just this week (more on that below), we thought it would be a good time to take a step back and look at the options currently available through the Apple App Store. What makes… Read More