• Crunch Report | Go-Jek Raises $1.2 Billion

    Go-Jek raises $1.2 billion, Soylent raises $50 million, wheelchairs get a makeover from Izzy Wheels and Uber attempts to make UberPOOL a little less like a game of Russian roulette. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • Whill raises $17.5M Series B for its high-tech motorized wheelchairs

    Whill raises $17.5M Series B for its high-tech motorized wheelchairs

    Whill, a startup dedicated to building better wheelchairs and mobility devices, plans to enter the European market after raising a $17.5 million Series B. The round was led by Eight Road Ventures with participation from other investors including Mirai Creation Investment Limited Partnership and Golden Asia Fund II. Read More

  • 3D-printed bespoke wheelchair debuts at Design Week in London

    3D-printed bespoke wheelchair debuts at Design Week in London

    For all their being motion-enabling platforms, wheelchairs are themselves rather static. A frame of steel and aluminum supporting foam-filled leather or plastic, with a handful of settings that may or may not accommodate the user’s specific condition. A London design firm has worked for two years to create an alternative: a 3D-printed wheelchair made to fit the shape and needs of its rider. Read More

  • Video: Robotic Wheelchair Automatically Follows Human Companion

    This is pretty cool: a robotic wheelchair that automatically follows a human companion without the person sitting in the wheelchair having to do anything. Just like the Museum Guide Robot we’ve shown you earlier today, the robo wheelchair is the brain child of Saitama University‘s Human-Robot Interaction Center. Read More

  • Great King Kizer: Robot Sitting In Wheelchair

    It’s no secret Japan is betting high on robots to tackle future health care problems in its rapidly graying society. But robots sitting in wheelchairs is an entirely new idea, as just demonstrated at ROBOTECH 2010 in Tokyo. Read More

  • MIT-developed smart wheelchair does auto navigation

    I live right pretty close to MIT and sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t even walk by any of the buildings for fear that my average brain might pollute some or all of the strange and wonderful things they’ve got cooking. Like this wheelchair, for instance. It can learn a given building’s layout and then take its occupant to a particular room or location via voice command. So… Read More

  • Tongue Drive System in development; yes, it's SFW

    Control systems for wheelchairs have to accommodate a wide variety of disabilities and capabilities; some people can use a joystick, others are restricted to blowing in a tube in different ways to signify left, right, accelerate, and so on. But one part of the body that is almost always fully intact and functioning is the tongue. Because motor control of the tongue is done through cranial and… Read More

  • Wheelchair throws flames, scares everyone

    I have a friend who uses a wheelchair every day. He’s quite nimble with it and in fact races wheelchairs and is a known athlete, despite the lack of legs. He’s also got a pretty good sense of humor, that’s why I’m going to show him this all-terrain powered flame-throwing wheelchair. It’s a prototype, though we’re not sure who would ever put this into… Read More

  • Landeez All-Terrain Wheelchair: Exactly What It Sounds Like

    Don’t forget that this coming Saturday, June 10, is “Take the Infirm to the Beach Day,” and is, as always, sponsored by Bed Protect, makers of the All-Day-Long brand of adult diapers. And while others are getting their grampas bogged down in the sun-warmed sand, collecting more skin cancers, you’ll be cruising along with the Landeez Beach Chair. It’s half… Read More

  • Mind-Controlled Wheelchairs

    The University of Electro-Communications has developed a prototype electric wheelchair that will respond to the user’s thoughts. Now before we all fake injuries, we will need a strap on skullcap outfitted with sensors that will interpret our brain’s waves and allow us to manipulate the chair. The sensors will interpret our thoughts with 80% accuracy, so 20% of the time we’ll… Read More