• Toyota’s new Concept-i Ride is your tiny automotive friend about town

    Toyota’s new Concept-i Ride is your tiny automotive friend about town

    Toyota unveiled two new members of its Concept-i series at the Tokyo Motor Show this year, including the new Concept-i Ride, designed for in-city transportation and equipped with user-friendly functions intended specifically for wheelchair users. The i-Ride is tailor-made for universal, shared mobility per the automaker. It’s a quite compact vehicle, which Toyota says makes it very easy… Read More

  • TechCrunch Tokyo 2012 Winner Whill’s Sleek Wheelchair Alternative Is Ready For Pre-Orders

    TechCrunch Tokyo 2012 Winner Whill’s Sleek Wheelchair Alternative Is Ready For Pre-Orders

    Founded by former Sony, Olympus and Toyota engineers, TechCrunch Tokyo 2012 grand prize winning hardware startup Whill not only wants to redesign the wheelchair, but also combat stigma by creating sleek and modern mobility devices. The company’s first retail model, the Whill Type-A, is now available for pre-orders and will be ready for delivery within the U.S. early next year. Read More

  • Video: Hands-Free, Facial Muscle-Controlled Wheelchair

    Video: Hands-Free, Facial Muscle-Controlled Wheelchair

    We have covered “intelligent” wheelchairs before, but one that can be controlled through facial muscles is new. A team of researchers at Japan’s Miyazaki University developed a system aimed at people paralyzed from the neck down or those who have lost muscular strength in their body for a reason. The way it works is pretty simple: the wheelchair, which is still in prototype… Read More

  • Video: Toyota's brain wave-controlled wheelchair

    It’s always good to know some big companies don’t forget to come up with technological innovations that aren’t aimed at a large or wealthy group of consumers. In this case, Toyota has announced the development of a system that makes it possible for drivers to control wheelchairs with their thoughts alone. And it supposedly works excellent. Read More

  • P'gasus brings up-right transportation to the disabled

    The conceptual P’gasus wheelchair provides a cool look into what the future of personal transportation for people with disabilities will be like. It it based on technology similar to that of the Segway as movement is controlled by shifting the riders weight. Best of all, the chair can be adjusted into an upright position which would help the rider accomplish every day tasks. There are… Read More

  • Pegasus Concept Wheelchair Adds Vertical Movement

    By now you should know I’m a whiny brat like that kid on the “The Sopranos,” and that I always look favorably upon gadgets that try to help the needy. Hence, Pegasus, yet another design concept that tries to improve the lives of the wheelchair-bound. In addition to functioning as an everyday wheelchair, the Pegasus allows for some degree of vertical movement, giving the… Read More

  • Remote Control Lawnmower

    When kids in the midwest get bored, shift happens. Terry decided that he’d like to mold a lawnmower, RC car and wheelchair into one machine to create a remote-control lawnmower. This is what every kid who’s 15 and trying to make a buck during the summer wants. Easy, no-hassle work. You can drive it around with the remote control from the RC car. I wonder if it still requires $100… Read More