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Commerical radio is dead: Why CBS Radio's K-Rock format switch in New York won't make a bit of difference in fight against technological irrelevance

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/923now.jpg" />There's something wrong with CBS Radio's press release announcing the launch, complete with silly “countdown,” of 92.3

What.cd Volume 2: Showing the recording industry how to promote music in the BitTorrent era

What.cd continues to show the decrepit recording industry how to promote music in the BitTorrent era. The site just released The What CD Volume 2, a compilation album of some of the artists that are f

One year later: Remembering OiNK's Pink Palace

One year ago today OiNK’s Pink Palace was shut down by police. It’s only appropriate to pour one out for it today. OiNK had been in operation for a little over three years; I had joined ex

Study says music industry needs to embrace BitTorrent sites

A new study says what we’ve been saying for God knows how long: [music] piracy is here to stay. It’s now up to the industry to figure out how to move forward. The study, by the MCPS-PRS Al

Attention music pirates: Viva la Vida is out, for real!

Hey. music pirates! You know that band “Coldplay”? Well proper rips of Viva La Vida (the Japanese retail) are now appearing on the private torrent sites likes What.cd and Waffles.fm; they

What.cd, other BitTorrent trackers ordered shut by Canadian Recording Industry Association

There’s a bit of a scare going around the BitTorrent community today, with word that the Canadian Recording Industry Association has “ordered” the closure of several popular trackers

Samsung S5 just may support FLAC: Can the iPod do that?

Rumors from la France point to a Samsung S5 firmware update that will enable FLAC playback. I know that a grand total of seven of you have so much as seen an S5, but I bring it up merely to point out

What.cd's Gazelle released: Beta brings the thunder

Hi-res BitTorrent tracker What.cd launched Gazelle last night (beta), effecting a complete re-launch of sorta. There’s a new site design (though still with the familiar wood theme) and some new

What.cd's Gazelle: April 17

Gazelle, the new back-end that What.cd has been hyping these past few months, now has a release date: April 17. Gazelle isn’t simply faster than TBsource, but it’ll bring with it several f

What.cd's Gazelle released into alpha: New features ahoy

[photopress:wgart.jpg,full,center] OiNK pretender What.cd is getting closer to releasing Gazelle, its new “under-the-hood” code that’s set to replace the old TBSource. It was just re

Does the invitation system used by private BitTorrent sites still work?

[photopress:vuzesplash.jpg,full,center] Does the current invitation system used by so-called private BitTorrent sites need to be changed? TorrentFreak, a source of inspiration to nearly everyone on st

BitLet Web BitTorrent client streams music as it downloads

[photopress:bitlet.jpg,full,center] Music pirates have a new tool to put artists in the poor house. The Web site BitLet.org lets users upload torrent files that contain MP3 or OGG files, which begin s

What.cd? to create all-new, faster site code; also, a few site invites

What.cd?, one of the two main OiNK successors, is developing an entirely new set of site code, promising to be faster and more secure than the old TBsource. (TBsource is used by several private BitTor

The Pirate Bay cancels its OiNK replacement, BOiNK, suggests you find other trackers

First OiNK died, then came the replacements. Now one of those is gone, never having gotten of the ground. BOiNK, the Pirate Bay’s planned all-music BitTorrent tracker, has been cancelled. It see

Script kiddy attacks What.cd, sends out phony RIAA e-mails

You know, in this post-OiNK world, music fans can’t be too careful when it comes to picking a new BitTorrent tracker. That’s why when I woke up this morning I was fully convinced that that

What.CD? Invites

So I loved your comments in my original post so much, I decided to pick two of you for invites to the hot new torrent site. Unfortunately, What.CD? is really getting slammed (although not nearly as ba

So how are the OiNK replacements?

I’ve gotten into both Waffles and What.CD? and while they don’t quite match OiNK on all levels, it’s still a great effort by both parties. I’ve found myself uploading and using