• Whaling Is The New Harlem Shake

    Whaling Is The New Harlem Shake

    Have you whaled yet today? It’s the new thing. Whale at the club. Whale at school. Whale in your cubical. Just don’t whale at a funeral. That would be doing it wrong. As the Vines below show, the premise is to act like a whale breaching the water behind an unsuspecting observer. Bonus Internet points are awarded for twisting in the air. Read More

  • Environmentalists: Japanese whalers used sound gun against us!

    How’s this for using exciting, new technology to get your way? Environmentalists have accused Japanese whalers, the most fearsome of all whalers, with attacking them with “sound guns,” such as the kind pictured here. The gun is called an LRAD, which stands for Long Range Acoustic Device. It’s said to cause “nausea, panic and ear damage.” Nothing says… Read More

  • Hi-tech planes used to combat unlawful whaling

    [photopress:whalingrobot.jpg,full,center] What is it with Japan and whaling? There’s been plenty of international consternation over the country’s continued whaling policies but Japan, from what I’ve read, hasn’t been particularly cooperative. That’s where the tech comes in. Australia has deployed an AirBus A319 that’s loaded with specialized imaging and… Read More