• As It Moves Away From The Wikis, Wetpaint Launches TV News And Entertainment Site

    Online publishing company Wetpaint has been undergoing a strategic shift in its business model over the past year. Wetpaint began as a simple wiki/social publishing tool but then started to build entertainment sites for big brands, including MSN. And the heavily funded startup succumbed to layoffs last July and December. But today, Wetpaint is taking the company in a new direction… Read More

  • MSN Picks WetPaint To Add A Fresh Coat To Its Entertainment Pages

    MSN had a bit of a problem. It had the popular entertainment area of its service, where movies, musical acts, and other things in pop culture have pages filled with content for fans. But the problem was that paying people to populate these sites with content was expensive. And since it’s the fans that want to see it, why not let them help out to build the site? That’s why MSN is… Read More

  • Wetpaint Raises $25 Million and Launches Wetpaint Injected

    Big news tonight from Seattle based wiki/social networks startup Wetpaint (we covered their growth spurt last week): they’ve raised a $25 million third round of financing, bringing the total amount of capital raised to nearly $40 million, and they’ve launched an embeddable wiki product called Wetpaint Injected. The round of financing was led by DAG Ventures, with investors from… Read More

  • Wetpaint Emerging As A Leading Social Publishing Platform

    Seattle based wiki startup Wetpaint has always been ahead of the pack in terms of design and usability. Now, a couple of years after launch, they’re starting to see real usage traction as well. The product isn’t just about wikis – they also have social features (profiles, friends, etc.), and added things like forums and, more recently, photo uploads, over time. In many ways… Read More

  • Grou.ps: All Your Collaboration Tools In One Place

    There’s seemingly no end to the number of collaboration tools out there: blogs, wikis, forums, bookmarking, photos, chat. Chances are you already use one or more of them already to keep in touch with friends or coworkers. The only problem is that all these platforms don’t work together very well. Grou.ps is trying to fix that integration problem. They’ve created a service… Read More

  • WetPaint Preparing Embeddable Wiki Product Called Balco

    Seattle based wiki-startup Wetpaint has been talking to a number of big content sites about a new product they’ll be releasing soon, we’ve heard. The screen shot above is a mock-up that Wetpaint is using to pitch potential partners. The product is an embeddable wysiwyg wiki. That alone is interesting, just because there aren’t any easy ways to embed a wiki into third party… Read More

  • PBWiki Gets An Overhaul

    As Google gets into the wiki space with Google Sites (the relaunch of Jotspot), all the other little wiki startups out there will need to keep one step ahead. Those includes Wikia, Socialtext, Wetpaint, and PBWiki. As it approaches 500,000 wikis, PBWiki is now putting the 2.0 version of its site into beta. The latest version includes an updated UI, folders, enhanced access controls and an… Read More

  • Grouply Brings A Bit Of Facebook To Yahoo/Google Groups

    Grouply is a startup trying to improve the online “groups” systems (Yahoo/Google Groups) currently used by over 100 million registered users. Their first goal was to create a simple management tool for easily tracking updates across your groups on the two networks. You give Grouply your account credentials and they organize your accounts in a more convenient manner (see our… Read More

  • WetPaint White Labels For Businesses And Brands

    Hosted wiki provider WetPaint has launched a new white label wiki service called “Just Add Wetpaint”, which lets businesses buy a customized version of their wiki platform (starting around $10,000). In at most 14 days, the company can pump out a customized community around a product. The communities are hosted by WetPaint on your domain, and share a common login with the rest of… Read More

  • Wetpaint Combines Discussion Forums With Wikis

    Seattle-based Wetpaint, which launched in June 2006, is a hosted wiki site that focuses on great looking sites and making the user interface as easy as possible. A number of wikis have popped up around popular pop culture stuff, as well as more private sites. Tonight they added new feature that should generate a lot of page views – they have fully integrated a forum/message board into… Read More

  • More Money For Wikis

    After JotSpot sold to Google for $50+ million, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize venture capitalists would be dabbling a bit more in this space. So I am not at all surprised to report that Wetpaint, the Seattle based wiki company that we’ve raved about in the past, is announcing a $9.5 million Series B round of financing today, with investments from Accel Partners as well… Read More

  • Wetpaint Launches: Wikis Evolve

    Seattle based Wetpaint has been in private beta since March. On Sunday night they launched to the world, allowing anyone to create a free wiki on any topic. A good example wiki is this one around the XBOX 360. Like pbwiki, Wikia and JotSpot, Wetpaint is a hosted wiki solution with wysiwyg editing (no need to use wiki code or html). Each wiki (and each page on a wiki) is taggable, and… Read More

  • Wetpaint – Best Wiki So Far?

    Seattle-based Wetpaint opened its doors today to show off a few sample sites that use its new, super-slick wiki platform. You can get a good overview of how users interact with wiki’s built on the platform by going through the rather tedious tour. Basically, its a highly user-friendly wysiwyg-type wiki platform. To see an example wiki, check out the xbox 360 site they’ve… Read More