Online Health Consolidation Continues: HealthCentral Buys Wellsphere

<img alt="" />Three months ago Steve Case's <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2008/10/03/revolution-health-gets-a-mercy-sale-turns-200-million-into-100-million/">Revolution Health sold for $100 million<

Christmas Recovery Web 2.0 Style

Christmas is often a time of gluttony for many. From a traditional roast through to too much alcohol, many will be suffering long Christmas hangovers, particularly those not fortunate enough to live i

Stanford Wants Its Students To Be Healthy As Well As Rich

Stanford University, the Valley’s startup creating and employee providing uberhub have unveiled BeWell@Stanford, an online community that aims to promote healthy living among the school’s 30,0

Wellsphere Launches Wellness 2.0

Wellshpere is launching an alpha version of their wellness community site tomorrow. It joins a host of other health related search, training, and Q&A sites we’ve covered. Wellsphere is conce