• Online Health Consolidation Continues: HealthCentral Buys Wellsphere

    Three months ago Steve Case’s Revolution Health sold for $100 million or so to Waterfront Media (after raising $200 million in venture capital). Consolidation continues today with the HealthCentral acquisition of Wellsphere, which we first covered in early 2007. The deal should be announced on Wednesday. Wellsphere brings its 4 million or so monthly unique visitors to the table. The… Read More

  • Christmas Recovery Web 2.0 Style

    Christmas is often a time of gluttony for many. From a traditional roast through to too much alcohol, many will be suffering long Christmas hangovers, particularly those not fortunate enough to live in a country with a gazetted post Christmas recovery public holiday (Boxing Day on Wikipedia here). Even if you do have December 26 off, with January 1 around the corner it’s time for… Read More

  • Stanford Wants Its Students To Be Healthy As Well As Rich

    Stanford University, the Valley’s startup creating and employee providing uberhub have unveiled BeWell@Stanford, an online community that aims to promote healthy living among the school’s 30,000 students, faculty, and staff. BeWell@Stanford is powered by Wellsphere and offers a central place where members can get personalized advice, discover wellness resources and activities… Read More

  • Wellsphere Launches Wellness 2.0

    Wellshpere is launching an alpha version of their wellness community site tomorrow. It joins a host of other health related search, training, and Q&A sites we’ve covered. Wellsphere is concerned with day-to-day sorts of health choices that make up “wellness”, the kind you don’t ask your doctor, but consult your peers about. Wellsphere is meant to help people with… Read More