• “Space Music” Heard On The Far Side Of The Moon And The Science Behind It

    “Space Music” Heard On The Far Side Of The Moon And The Science Behind It

    Cernan: Boy, that sure is weird music. Young: We’re going to have to find out about that. Nobody will believe us. -Apollo 10 transcript This weekend, the Science Channel released the preview for their newest episode of NASA’s Unexplained Files that told the story of Apollo astronauts who heard weird sounds during their trip around the moon. The “space music” was… Read More

  • Mycestro Is A 3D Mouse For Your Fingertips That You’ll Look Funny Using, But Who Cares?

    Mycestro Is A 3D Mouse For Your Fingertips That You’ll Look Funny Using, But Who Cares?

    We all go through phases where we feel like we’ve seen every possible Kickstarter project that we’d ever want. And then one like Mycestro comes along and reminds us that this is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s a 3D mouse that you strap to one of your fingers and it looks like it could become a huge asset for multi-tasking. If you think about how you use your computer, be it… Read More

  • The Fizz-Giz: Carbonate on the fly

    You’re a busy man. A man on the go. You have no time for Big Soda telling you what you can and cannot carbonate. As Homey once said, you don’t play that. So what is a modern carbonation lover to do? You could be tethered to your countertop with the Penguin Soda Maker or you can be free with the Fizz-Giz. This thing is basically a little CO2 gun that uses those tiny CO2 capsules… Read More

  • Clockman: Japanese alarm clock has its own personality (video)

    Japan sure has a penchant for weird alarm clocks, as we blogged many times in the past. And Clockman, a new model from major Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy, isn’t really normal either. Reasons: It looks creepy, it can speak, its eyes and mouth can move and Takara Tomy says it even has a personality and “blood type” (seriously). Read More

  • Party Van!

    I imagine most new yorkers are used to the crazy artists than run around the Village. I’m not quite that jaded yet, so I still have to stop and stare at something like this. If you feel like wasting fifteen minutes of your day, come take a look. I was walking next to Washing Square Park when was stopped by these two very strange creations. One van seems to have close to every film… Read More

  • How Pink Floyd recorded "Money"

    This could quite possibly be the first looped beat. Just listen to how they put all this together. I could take or leave Floyd – I didn’t smoke enough in high school – but this is just beautiful. I think the most hilarious thing is that we can all basically do this with Garage Band and a cheap Fender whereas even a decade ago you’d have a hard time recreating this piece… Read More

  • Twisty memory from NIST

    This flash memory from the National Institute of Standards and Technology is completely flexible and can fit under human tissue or against organs and that can scan and report back on your health status. The best part? They did a little video with dancing people in it. The memory can also act as a “memristor,” leading to possible implementations in artificial intelligence and… Read More

  • Bury me with my BlackBerry, please

    “No, don’t recycle my BlackBerry — put it in my coffin with me.” Noelle Potvin, family service counselor for a funeral home and cemetery in Hollywood, California, is noticing a new trend of tech items being taken to the grave: “It seems like everyone under 40 who dies takes their cell phone with them. We even had one guy who was buried with his Game… Read More

  • Astronaut's lost tool bag found floating in space

    You may have heard last week, while withdrawing all your money from Citibank, that an astronaut lost her tool bag while performing a routine space walk. (Late night comics made jokes along the lines of, “Why does she need her pocketbook up there?”) Well, as luck would have, a “veteran space watcher” may have discovered the bag floating around space. In fact, if… Read More

  • XKCD raptor attack simulator

    Deeply geeky. As if the nerdy humor and nerdier meta-humor of XKCD weren’t enough, this enterprising coder (apparently with a little too much time on his hands) created an interactive simulation of the raptor attack scenario brought up here and solved here. It takes a little imagination for those squares to look like raptors — although it’s not a stretch for yourself …… Read More

  • Gun o' Clock: Bandai's new alarm clock has a death wish

    Japan seems to have a soft spot for weird alarm clocks. First the fly-away alarm clock, now this: At the end of October, Bandai will start offering an awesome alarm clock that can only be silenced with a special gun that will be sold along with it. The so-called Gun o’ Clock has two modes: In the time mode, the clock will wake users up with a normal alarm sound but also a voice… Read More

  • Badger badger badger badger, mushroom vacuum

    I could use one of these. I love sesame bagels, but they rain seeds down like no other and i usually end up with a rather farinaceous desktop. These cute-as-a-button mushroom vacuums (we’ll call them mushruums — oh my god, I’m a genius) are for picking up after such an event. Tiny, battery-powered, and only $12, these strike me as a decent little investment for those of us… Read More

  • Sound-sensitive table tells you who's dominating the conversation

    As if you didn’t already know. These “Reflect” tables have built-in microphones and they light up depending on who’s talking, for how long, and probably some other metrics. While the idea is kind of cool, it’s really very ridiculous as well and I seriously can’t imagine these any place but possibly in a committee room in Congress or… Read More

  • Bluetooth cassette adapter!

    We’ve seen a lot of cassette adapters, and we’ve seen interesting Bluetooth devices, but this is a pretty damn cool mash-up. Let’s say you’ve got an old car with a cassette deck still. And you’ve got a DAP or musicphone with Bluetooth. You could use a cassette-to-headphone jack adapter, but where’s the geek in that? This lighter jack-powered cassette… Read More

  • Why turn everyone in your mom's 1968 high school yearbook into cartoons? Because it's there, man

    This isn’t really gadget related, no, but I appeal to everyone’s geekish and nerdly enthusiasm for a project such as “Excelsior 1968” wherein Robot Johnny’s John Martz quite simply turned over 1,000 students in his mom’s 1968 yearbook into cartoons. He’s selling the finished product for seven dollars. You can see every single page on Flickr if… Read More

  • Gizmondo still alive, planning a comeback

    Really? We’ve heard this before. Carl Freer says there will be a new graphics chip but other than that it’s unchanged. Also, they’re going open-source, or at least they say so, and will be talking to universities to provide content. Kind of a weird announcement. New Gizmondo Development Has Already Started [Kotaku] Read More

  • It's an ionizing, MP3-playing thingy!

    [photopress:handy_mp3_player.jpg,full,center] At 128MB, I’m not sure if I’d call this an acne-fighting MP3 player or an acne-fighting gizmo with MP3 capability, but it is what it is, sort of. See, you hold it to your face for ten minutes with it set to “negative” and it shoots your pores with negative ions. Then do the same thing set to “positive” and it does… Read More

  • Zune ad team, I don't get it
    Video: Zune TV Spot Between the new Zune ads and Sony’s PS3 gibberish, I’m beginning to lose faith that I’ll ever see a good advert ever, again. This new ad is very arsty fartsy, but I don’t understand what’s going on in it. He’s watching a video of animated ice cream, which makes him daydream about climbing… Read More

  • Super Video Heroes: Louderbeck and Belmont Leave Respective News Outfits

    Well this is an odd lumpkin of news. Jim Louderbeck, PC Magazine (“The Magazine You No Longer Read”) EIC, has been replaced by Lance Ulanoff, PC Mag’s reviews editor. Louderbeck, who launched TechTV back when there was still money in the media world, appears to be headed to video site Revision3. Read More

  • Get Your Game Boy Fix

    All of us know that the Game Boy is the king of portable handheld consoles. No other handheld console, no matter how popular, gives us that little lump in our pants that the original Game Boy gives us. Hardest Boss has released a nice little list of rare and weird Game Boys. They range from the Tommy Hilfiger edition (weird) to the clear-case original Game Boy (rare). Peep the list and… Read More