weight loss

  • Ask Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy

    Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy are Dr. Adam Shafran and Lee Kantor, two guys in Atlanta who talk fitness online and over the air. We asked them to answer a few reader questions and invite you to send in your questions to tips @ crunchgear dot com with the subject line “FITNESS.” Include your geographical location. We’ll run these Q&A sessions regularly. My roommate says… Read More

  • Lose weight the Hello Kitty way

    In the CrunchGear chat room this morning we were talking about exercise. Someone linked to Hundred Push Ups, and issued a challenge to see how many push ups we could each do. We postured and boasted and tried to convince one another that blogging had not gone to our bellies. Thankfully we were quickly distracted by a Hello Kitty weight loss gadget. Read More