• WeGame Hopes To Take On Steam With Online Game Store

    Back in the old days — say, 2004 or so — the only way to get computer games was from retail outlets. Then Valve’s digital distribution platform Steam came along, allowing gamers to pay for and immediately download games from both Valve and major third parties (it’s a little like Apple’s App Store). And it’s done very well — Steam now has over 70%… Read More

  • WeGame's 19 Year Old Founder Raises $3 million Financing

    San Francisco based WeGame, a “YouTube for gamers” (although it is much more than that) seems to be off to a solid start. Since launching last month, founder Jared Kim says 7,000 videos have been uploaded to the site, and 13% of users are uploading videos. The other 87% are there to watch game videos like this one from Guitar… Read More

  • Social Network for Gamers, UGAME, Enters Private Beta

    The prospect of founding a successful generic social network these days might be bleak given the dominance of players like MySpace and Facebook. However, there’s still plenty of room for niche social networks to rise and generate lots of participation. UGAME, which enters closed private beta this week, wants eventually to be the leading social network for gamers. The site will start off as… Read More

  • WeGame Launches As YouTube For Gamers

    When I was younger and addicted to PC games like Total Annihilation and Sim City, my parents figured I was flushing priceless hours of my youth down the drain and actively tried to get me to cut back on playing. Jared Kim, a nineteen-year-old Berkeley dropout, has taken a similar obsession of video games and turned it into something his parents can certainly be proud of: a new website… Read More