• Should Nintendo do anything to help out the makers of the Weemote?

    Does Nintendo owe Fobis Technologies, maker of the Weemote, anything? Did it infringe upon the tiny Florida-based company’s trademark? Donna wants to know. Well, Time wants to know. The Weemote, which as we’ve mentioned here in the past, is a television remote control for kids that pre-dates the introduction of the Nintendo Wii by some six years. Now Fobis is complaining that… Read More

  • New Version Of Wiimote Out In Stores

    Well, not quite. This is the Weemote 3 from SmartHome – a special remote designed for little kids so they don’t go watching scary flicks like Texas Chainsaw Massacre. An adult programs the remote so that kids can only watch approved stations that are safe for your children to view. The remote itself is incredibly kid friendly and only had a few buttons to deal with. It even has… Read More