• WeedMaps Partners With Uber So You Don’t 420BlazeIt And Drive

    WeedMaps Partners With Uber So You Don’t 420BlazeIt And Drive

    Dude, where’s my car? Back in the garage because you took an Uber rather than driving high. At least that’s the idea behind leading “Yelp for marijuana” service WeedMaps and Colorado pot shop The Clinic partnering with Uber. Each time a new rider enters the promo code “clinicms”, Uber will donate $5 to multiple sclerosis research though the end of year. Read More

  • Weedmaps Spends Some Of Its $30M To Legalize Pot In NYC

    Weedmaps Spends Some Of Its $30M To Legalize Pot In NYC

    To put it bluntly, Weedmaps is no joke. The Yelp of marijuana dispensaries has grown to $20 million in yearly revenue, and now it’s saying “High, NYC” with a Times Square jumbotron campaign to legalize pot. For the next 60 days, an 8-second Weedmaps ad will blaze across the CBS Super Screen pointing New Yorkers a site of legalization resources and a petition. | Read More

  • WeedMaps Acquires Marijuana.com For A Kushy $4.20 Million

    WeedMaps Acquires Marijuana.com For A Kushy $4.20 Million

    Yes, really. General Cannabis Inc. has just announced that it’s acquired Marijuana.com. The company didn’t disclose the details of the deal, but we’ve confirmed that the acquisition price was $4.20 million. Naturally. The executives involved¬†obviously¬†have a sense of humor, but General Cannabis is a serious business: it’s traded on the OTCQX market, and a year ago… Read More

  • Passing The Joint (Venture): General Cannabis Inhales Weedmaps

    General Cannabis, whose admirable mission is to “improve your quality of life”, has acquired a dime bag of Weedmaps, as first pre-announced back in September. General Cannabis, formerly known as LC Luxuries Limited, is buying the “Yelp for pot” for a mix of cash and stock with additional earn-out potential for the company’s duo of founders, although the exact terms… Read More

  • WeedMaps Tops $400,000 a Month in Revenues, Public Listing Imminent

    WeedMaps Tops $400,000 a Month in Revenues, Public Listing Imminent

    Justin Hartfield of WeedMaps is about as ballsy as entrepreneurs get. I mean that as a compliment. Not only is he building an online business that facilitates and profits off of the recreational use of marijuana– which let’s remember is still illegal in the United States– but he’s essentially rushing his small company out into the public markets, via an acquisition by… Read More

  • A Merger Made In High Heaven: US Cannabis To Buy WeedMaps

    Tim Draper of Draper Fisher Jurvetson fame may be too chicken to invest in WeedMaps (think Yelp for pot), but that isn’t stopping other companies from sniffing around the startup, looking to score. In fact, a company called LC LUXURIES LIMITED, or rather its most recently established subsidiary, US Cannabis, is very close to buying WeedMaps. According to this press release, the… Read More

  • Dude, I Am So High Right Now

    Just in from WeedMaps (think Yelp for Pot) CEO/owner Justin Hartfield: an email letting us know that Tim Draper at Draper Fisher Jurvetson isn’t going to invest in his startup. That’s ok, says Hartfield. He’ll just keep “growing organically” for now. Har! Email is below. Just because it’s awesome. Also, we have no idea if Tim really sent this email or ever… Read More

  • WeedMaps Wants To Be A Yelp For Cannabis Clubs

    With the increasing number of states approving marijuana use for medical purposes (and the recent proposed legislation to legalize the drug entirely in California), it’s no surprise that startups are popping up looking to capitalize on the growing number of patients looking for legal marijuana dispensaries. One of these is WeedMaps, a site that aspires to be a Yelp for cannabis… Read More