Target partners with Honeyfund to add cash gifts to its wedding registry

Chalk one up to the power of media exposure. The team responsible for building Target’s online registry saw Honeyfund appear on “Shark Tank,” and thought it would be cool to integrat

Amazon takes on Etsy with a new shop featuring handcrafted items for weddings

Amazon this morning staked another claim in the billion-dollar wedding industry with the launch of a new Wedding Shop dedicated to sales of handcrafted items, including décor, invitations, gifts, je

The Most San Francisco Wedding Happened, Thanks To Uber

Friends and family gathered to witness Sosh’s CTO Rod Begbie marry his sweetheart of three years this afternoon. Only this was no ordinary wedding. Begbie and his bride-to-be, Lacey Shaw, sent a

Honeymoon Registry Wanderable Comes To iPhone, Lets Couples Edit Registries & Send Out Thank You’s On The Go

Palo Alto-based <a target="_blank" href="">Wanderable</a>, a <a href="">500 Startups-backed</a> company designe

YC-Backed Wedding Startup RegistryLove Lets Couples Register For Anything

Y Combinator-backed <a target="_blank" href="">RegistryLove</a> is officially debuting its universal bridal registry service today, and it already has 3,000 brides-to-be signed

SnapKnot Relaunches With A Pinterest-Style Layout To Connect Brides With Photographers

The wedding space is blowing up here in tech, and for one very obvious reason. Almost everything about planning a wedding is pretty ancient. People build out complicated spreadsheets for their guest l

Some website: "iPods are not good wedding gifts"

<img src="">I'm writing this up because of how delightfully ham-handed it is, which suggests their tactic worked. Basically, s

Get married in space for $2.3 million

Tokyo-based wedding company First Advantage [JP] accepts reservations from couples wanting to get married in outer space starting today. The space wedding will take place 100 kilometers above the Eart

Dorktastic Wedding Cakes

Merciless Cake of the Gladiator The miracle of time known as Digg gives us yet another reason to laugh at our peers. This time, it’s wedding cakes that feature extremely geeky themes. From Homes

Geek Proposes Via Dashboard Widget

Some would call this a story of love between two geeks. Apparently, some dork who goes by the username “Bjorn” on Flickr proposed to his girl by coding out a custom Dashboard widget. Shape

Chris Pirillo and Wife Read Vows From UMPCs

It seems Blog Ninja Chris Pirillo and his lady wife dediced to read their vows off of two UMPCs. I really don’t know what to think. It seems like a logical idea — geeks in love, etc. &mdas