Supermedium scores $1.1M in seed funding for its web-first vision for virtual reality

The world of VR has had its ups and downs, and yet there’s still plenty of activity from the world’s largest technology companies to build platforms that ultimately define the medium. Supe

Mozilla Hubs is a super-simple social chat room for robots

The socially networked web is frightening enough, but maybe chatting with some friendly robots will ease the tension. Today, Mozilla showed off a preview of Hubs, a dead-simple social WebVR experienc

The reality of VR/AR trial

If you haven’t heard about VR/AR by now, your desert island must not have Wi-Fi. But there are millions of folks who know about VR/AR who haven’t seen it yet. User trial is on the critical path fo

Oculus releases developer preview of Carmel WebVR product

Many in the industry believe the next frontier for VR is web-based experiences that can be visited and absorbed across platforms. There are still quite a lot of unknowns when it comes to WebVR, but O