• HP Pre 3 Will Never Come To US, But It’s Crazy Cheap In Europe

    HP Pre 3 Will Never Come To US, But It’s Crazy Cheap In Europe

    On the heels of the HP’s first and likely last webOS fire sale, word has come from across the pond thatthey’re also deeply discounting the cost of the newly-launched Pre 3 smartphone in most European markets. While it was originally available for the princely sum of £299 in the U.K. and €349 in France (both around $500), HP’s price evisceration brings the cost down to… Read More

  • Microsoft Wooing WebOS Developers With Free Phones And Training

    Microsoft Wooing WebOS Developers With Free Phones And Training

    In the aftermath of HP’s decision to axe all WebOS products, the question for many a developer is “what’s next?” While I’m sure a few WebOS diehards will continue to work on the platform (and hopefully create some great new apps for all of the bargain bin TouchPads out there), Microsoft has opened their arms to these disenfranchised developers. Brandon Watson… Read More

  • HP To Apple: You Win.

    HP To Apple: You Win.

    As I write this, I’m sitting in a cafe. Around me, there are five people on laptops — four of them are MacBooks. Four other people are using tablets — all four are iPads. Welcome to the Post-PC world. That phrase was one of the first things that jumped to my mind today when I heard the news that HP was not only killing off their TouchPad and Pre webOS-based products, but… Read More

  • Okay HP, Let’s Make Some Lemonade

    Okay HP, Let’s Make Some Lemonade

    This morning, HP admitted failure. After spending $1.2 billion to acquire Palm, they announced that they were killing off the development of all smartphones and tablets running Palm’s webOS platform — including the just launched TouchPad. Having survived for just 49 days before its death, it’s tragic that TouchPad lived just one day longer than the oft-mocked Microsoft… Read More

  • HP Looking To Appliances, Autos To Grow And Save webOS

    HP Looking To Appliances, Autos To Grow And Save webOS

    HP stated from the start that it planned on putting webOS in more than just smartphones and tablets. It foresaw a time when webOS would run printers, netbooks, and the world! Well, the time has come. HP is looking to grow the webOS base and expand into the world of major appliances and automotive. HP invested $1.2 billion into Palm last year and from an outsider’s standpoint… Read More

  • The Lonesome Death Of WebOS

    The Lonesome Death Of WebOS

    I’d been hoping I wouldn’t have to say this a second time, but here we go again: WebOS is reaching a critical failure point and I doubt the technology will make it through the next two years. Why? Because WebOS just can’t grab the mindshare it needs to flourish. According to Woot, the deal site sold 612 TouchPads during its impressive $100-off sale. During a similar sale in… Read More

  • Oh Gosh: The HP TouchPad 16GB Is On Woot For $379

    Oh Gosh: The HP TouchPad 16GB Is On Woot For $379

    Remember when I said I thought HP was telegraphing its sales with the TouchPad pricing? And how I said the device is $100 off this weekend? Well either HP is not selling any TouchPads at all ever or they’re on some Quixotic race to the bottom in relation to every other tablet out there. You see, the TouchPad is $379 on Woot this morning. Read More

  • HP's webOS Boss Encourages Team Through Early Reviews

    We didn’t exactly heart the TouchPad. We didn’t hate it, either. We even said that “WebOS and the Palm TouchPad are nearly perfect, an excellent amalgamation of everything that was ever right about Palm.” Granted, perfection in this industry lasts about as long as a battery cycle, and we had plenty to gripe about, but as far as the TouchPad goes, we have hope. But… Read More

  • What WebOS Means To HP, Linux, And You

    In John’s review of the new HP TouchPad, he claimed that “WebOS is the real star of this show. The OS offers true multi-tasking and uses a system of “cards” and “stacks” to display active applications.” I think it’s worthwhile to remind everyone that WebOS is built atop the Linux kernel, and that has several interesting ramifications. HP has… Read More

  • The HP TouchPad Will Come With Its Own Facebook Tablet App (Leaked Pics)

    The HP TouchPad Will Come With Its Own Facebook Tablet App (Leaked Pics)

    The world has been waiting for an official Facebook tablet app, and waiting, and waiting. But that app may not appear on the iPad first (although Facebook is working on an iPad app for sure). Instead, Facebook’s first tablet app will appear on the HP TouchPad, which comes out this Friday and runs the WebOS it bought with Palm.  Unless the iPad app also launches this week, the… Read More

  • The Little Red Dot.

    The Little Red Dot.

    I see it right there, staring me in the face. It’s like a laser beam burning a hole in my retinas. I can’t help but click. That damn iOS notification red dot gets me every time. And things are about to get much worse. I’ve been addicted to Push Notifications since their inception with iOS 3 — and that’s in spite of the fact that they’ve more or less sucked… Read More

  • HP CEO: We'd License WebOS To Handset Makers, Appliance Makers, Whoever

    Speaking at All Things D’s D9 conference today, HP CEO Leo Apotheker answered some audience questions and cleared up some concerns over whether webOS would simply be HP’s exclusive in-house OS, or whether they would be spreading it around. When asked about the licensing situation, Apotheker responded that “It’s a great OS — why wouldn’t we want to offer it… Read More

  • WebOS 3.0 Leaked, Looks Pretty Nice

    This is an early build, but PreCentral got their hands on a WebOS 3.0 beta emulator and they’re reporting that this build, while strong, is still lacking some features. Read More

  • TouchPad In June, webOS On PCs in 2011, Says HP's Apotheker

    HP’s TouchPad was announced about a month ago, but no solid shipping date has been set. I’m not sure what it is about companies announcing products with no real information on availability, but tablets seem to be especially prone to this phenomenon. We heard June, then we heard April, and now HP’s Leo Apotheker, in a Q&A, has said that yes, June is the month it will… Read More

  • HP Announces webOS For… PCs?

    HP’s Todd Bradley just went on stage at the webOS event and said: “I’m excited to announce that we’re bringing webOS to the device that has the biggest reach of all: the personal computer.” Now, let’s not all go insane here. We’re pretty sure that what he means is webOS will be flavoring HP products, probably taking over the role of TouchSmart in… Read More

  • HP Announces The TouchPad

    It’s official. Palm’s new WebOS device is called the Touchpad. It has a 9.7-inch screen, front 1.3-megapixel camera, and comes in 16 or 32GB models. It runs a 1.2GHz Snapdragon Processor processor and the screen resolution is 1024×768. Designed by the “hundreds of talented programmers” on the WebOS team, the TouchPad is HP’s second slate of the new decade… Read More

  • Further Leaks Show Off Potential Interface, Specs For HP's webOS Tablet

    Last week, we saw what appeared to be a legit leak of HP’s Topaz and Opal webOS tablets, previously known under the moniker Palmpad. Pre Central has gotten hold of some slightly less exciting, yet still interesting, design documents showing off potential UI ideas. Read More

  • HP Thinks It Can Sell Nearly 50 Million Notebooks This Year

    Apple just announced its massive Q1 numbers yesterday; they sold 4.13 million Macs. Now that’s only in one quarter, but HP thinks they can also pull off some massive numbers by selling 45 to 48 million notebooks in 2011. In 2010, HP did…. More after the break. Read More

  • HP webOS Tablet Leaks, Looks Like An HP-ifed iPad

    Sorry, HP. The ruthless Internet just ruined your February 9th event with a set of webOS tablet pics and a whole bunch of info. But you know what? It might be for the best. I’m at least interested now. It’s kind of hard to write this up without drawing the iPad comparison. Not only do the renders physically look like the current iPad — sans the home button at least —… Read More

  • HP Also Holding A Second webOS Event On February 9 To Woo Developers

    A week and a half ago, we were invited to join HP on the morning of February 9 for an “exciting announcement”. But it appears that they’re now also reaching out to others about another event later that day. This new invite reads: “HP webOS. The future revealed.” Below that, it lists the same February 9 date, but lists the time as being from 7 PM to 9:30 PM. And… Read More