• Logitech releases a $200 webcam that shoots 4K video

    Logitech releases a $200 webcam that shoots 4K video

    Newly emboldened by its return to webcammery last September, Logitech is going big with the Brio, a new 4K model. It’s hard to say precisely why one would need that sort of resolution for videoconferencing – for some of us even HD feels like pushing it when beaming out images of our face to world. But here it is, and it’s a pretty affordable $199. Of course, there may be… Read More

  • Nope Looks Dope If You Don’t Want Your Webcam Spying On You

    Nope Looks Dope If You Don’t Want Your Webcam Spying On You

    Nope is a neat fix that protects your privacy by covering your webcam with a convenient swiveling shutter that also won’t make you look like you belong to the tin-foil hat brigade — thanks to its minimalist, non intrusive, magnetic design. Read More

  • Atelier Lets You Shop For Luxury Specs By Webcam

    Atelier Lets You Shop For Luxury Specs By Webcam

    Bootstrapping UK luxury eyewear startup Atelier, founded in July last year, is hoping to disrupt the bespoke eyewear business by offering an entirely online service for trying and buying custom eyewear. No luxury bricks-and-mortar stores required. Read More

  • New webcam improves eye to eye contact, costs too much

    This device works like a teleprompter to redirect the image from a webcam so you can maintain eye contact. Just the thing for Chatroulette. Read More

  • Vitamin D turns your webcam into a virtual doorman

    When I bought a webcam for my front door – mine is the Linksys WVC54GCA – I was faced with a predicament. The built-in motion detection software bombarded my email inbox with images of an empty frame. It was set off by the motion of a leaf or a reflection, rendering one of the most important aspects – notification of trespass – ineffective. At an impasse, I decided to… Read More

  • Disney Princess Web Cam

    First, I doubt this is an officially licensed Disney product. Something tells me Brando doesn’t have that kind of pull. Second, this thing is $52. I’m pretty sure you can buy a cheap webcam and put a mirror next to it for the same price. Third, wouldn’t this look great next to my Beanie Babies? Like totally! I could put Weenie and Tiny on both side of it, like protective lions! Read More

  • Astak lauches the Mole social networking webcam

    Designed to work without a dedicated PC, the new Astak Mole was announced today. The Mole is a wireless webcam that can upload video directly to such sites as YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. It can also record directly to an SD card in the camera. Read More

  • Microsoft's LifeCam HD lets you video chat at 1280×720

    I know I give tiny cameras a lot of guff, but merely small ones are getting pretty damn good. It’s wrong to hold the iPhone camera to the same standards as something with a lens and sensor four times larger, but this new webcam from Microsoft seems to know its limitations. They probably could have pushed it to 1080p if they wanted, and people would have freaked out, but man that would… Read More

  • Logitech intros seven new webcams, seven

    So much for the “Keep It Simple, Stupid” saying. Logitech just outed seven new webcams that’s “designed to fit within every lifestyle.” We think Logitech means that there is a webcam for every lifestyle that needs a webcam and doesn’t already have one embedded into their notebook, netbook, or computer monitor. Read More

  • Bluetooth webcam just for Macs

    Maybe I’m missing the point, but why would you need a bluetooth webcam for your Mac if they already come with one built in? Maybe you want to be able to look out the window while you are trapped at your computer. I guess you could watch the baby, too, but the window is a lot more interesting. Read More

  • Mini DV: The Smallest Digital Video Camera in the World With High Resolution Image!

    Hey! Memorize Every Wonderful Moment With AEE Cool Recording Gadget! It is Very Small. It Support USB 2.0. It only 55mm tall! It has LED Indicator. You Can Mount It Anywhere. But the Absolutely Best Thing About it? Read More

  • Cute and cuddly monkey webcam is a pedophiles wet dream

    Granted, this webcam isn’t loaded with the latest gizmos and widgets, but it’s so cute. And it holds your pens and pencils! The whole cute and cuddly monkey webcam only goes for $25 too. Look at it. So cute! Read More

  • Large Hadron Collider webcams

    Obviously the world didn’t end on Wednesday when the Large Hadron Collider fired its first particle beam. The geeks at the LHC aren’t going to make anything that will kill us. They even have a couple of webcams so wannabe’s like you and I can see what’s going on. So far, there are only two of ’em but I’m sure more will come later on. Just screenshots… Read More

  • Mirror webcam is actually a pretty good idea

    How many webcam videos have you seen where the subject of the video is constantly looking down at his or her monitor to see how they look on camera? Millions? Skillions? Well here’s a 1.3-megapixel webcam that might actually be able to solve that problem. It’s an $80 device with a mirrored face surrounded by LED lights. Behind the mirror is the actual camera itself, so you can… Read More

  • Review: IPEVO POV webcam

    When it comes to buying a webcam, there seems to be two distinct product groupings. On the one end, you have inexpensive cameras that sell for between $20 and $50. These cameras often feature relatively low resolutions like 320×240 or 640×480 and are relatively simple to operate — you stick the camera on top of your monitor, fire up AIM, Windows Live Messenger, or Skype and… Read More

  • Vlogger on catches his own home being burgled on camera

    Ha! This modern age. Vlogging and lifecasting (shudder) site user Chowda633 went off to get ear surgery a while ago and returned to find several vital items missing from his apartment. Fortunately for him, his stream was going the whole time he was gone, and another user found the footage of the robbery. It’s not really that exciting to watch, of course, but the… Read More

  • A holodeck it's not – but this cheap, depth-sensing camera has potential

    Although this video mainly convinces me never, ever to try getting into Second Life again, the glimpses you get of the actual technology behind this depth-aware webcam are pretty compelling. I think the accuracy and responsiveness need some improvement before it’s ready for mass consumption, but this isn’t meant to be a finished product, simply a demonstration of basic… Read More

  • iPhoneCam – use your iPhone as a Wi-Fi webcam

    I can’t decide whether this is useful or not. First, it must be said, it’s cool. Everyone wanted video chat with the iPhone despite the orientation of its camera, and some mirror-based products have addressed that problem. They’ve made this app so that there’s no configuration necessary, it’ll show right up in iChat or Skype. The question is whether iPhone owners… Read More

  • Creative Unleashes 2MP Auto-focusing, Plug-N-Play Webcam

    I know it’s pretty difficult to get excited by a Webcam, so I forgive you for not reading this. But, on the off chance you’re actually shopping for one, you should maybe add the Creative Live! Cam Optia AF to your list; it became available today. Creative promises the $130 camera has a “true 2-megapixel sensor and Live! View technology for sharp, HD-resolution… Read More

  • Sony Unveils PS3 Eye, World Keeps Spinning

    Sony brought out the next generation Playstation Eye webcam and it sure looks pretty…pretty lame. OK, it’s not really lame, but it has a weird design. I know the microphone is said to be heavily improved over its predecessor, but wouldn’t it look better if it were below the camera? I suppose the adaptability to specifically pick up on voices to filter out background noises for… Read More