Profile – Wikipedia

Service: Wikipedia Created: January 15, 2001 Summary: Wikipedia has been around for over 5 years, is the largest wiki (by far) and serves over 400 million page views per month (to compare, USA Today h

Profile – Planet Web 2.0

Service: Planet Web 2.0 Launched: about two weeks ago What is it? Planet Web 2.0 is a website (and more importantly an RSS feed) that aggregates content from web 2.0 publishers around the web. It&#821

Profile – Digg 2.0

Company: Digg Previous Profile: June 18, 2005 Digg 2.0 Launched: 5 hours ago (July 10, 2005) What is it? See our previous profile on Digg for a description of its functionality. Its a very useful news

Profile – Del.icio.us (new feature)

Company: Deli.cio.us (new feature) Previous Profile: June 16, 2005 What’s new? Josh Schachter (the creator of del.icio.us) announced new “tags for two” functionality yesterday. It al

Google Reviews Profile

Company: Google (Reviews) What is it? There’s not much on the web about this yet, but Google is apparently looking at the reviews space and has put a very light experiment up on their site. I sa