Web3 gaming adoption is skewing toward Asia, and the rest of the world may have to play catch-up

Robbie Ferguson, co-founder of Immutable, said Asian studios are on the frontlines of web3 gaming due to the 'strong genre-fit' with collectible-driven games.

TechCrunch+ Roundup: Creator economy VC survey, B2C fintech growth strategy, web3 demo day

There are a million reasons why startups fail, and there are only a few reasons why they succeed.

Spearbit raises $7M to improve security audits in crypto through its open marketplace

Security is paramount in crypto, but as regular coverage of hacks and other exploits make plain, it is not taken seriously enough. Spearbit wants to change that, and it just raised a new round to acce

Beacon’s latest demo day startups are a bet that the future might be multichain

Cohort S23 consists of 10 companies, built by 25 founders across three countries and 12 cities. Unlike Y Combinator, Beacon doesn’t only select companies that are the most nascent.

Microsoft partners with Aptos blockchain to marry AI and web3

Microsoft announced that it is partnering with layer-1 blockchain Aptos to expand AI and web3 capabilities and trust.

EdgeIn hopes to be a faster, community-driven, ‘CrunchBase for web3’

As we saw with the collapse of FTX, the web3 space leaves a lot to be desired in terms of transparent information about companies, fundings, management and a slew of other data that really is commonpl

Developers continue to dive into the crypto space as market remains lackluster

The phrase “in bear markets you build” is cliché, but it might hold true for crypto.

Boys Club co-founders want crypto skeptics to see it as a tool, ‘not just a vehicle for finance or investments’

Welcome back to Chain Reaction, a podcast that unpacks and dives deep into the latest trends, drama and news in crypto with some of the biggest names in the industry to break things down block by bloc

Deal Dive: Futureverse is a metaverse company that might actually get it

Futureverse is making tools that brands can use to build content for the metaverse, but not the one that Meta is envisioning.

Car-sharing revenue could be a first step to mainstream adoption of web3 in the enterprise

ELOOP and Peaq are among the startups looking to help enterprise businesses incorporate web3 into their business models.

Aave’s Lens Protocol raises $15M to build the decentralized social web

Lens Protocol, a web3 product aimed at creating a decentralized social networking ecosystem, has raised $15 million, its team told TechCrunch exclusively. The protocol is being built by Aave, a web3 t

A peek into China’s stance on web3

Web3 has come to be known as the internet built on decentralized blockchains that power applications like cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The catch-all term is sometimes used interchangeably with crypto, b

The web3 winter isn’t going to thaw anytime soon

From an initial read of data from the past month, we can infer that the current crypto winter is far from thawing.

Success with Rihanna’s music rights helps web3 marketplace raise fresh VC round

Normally in the music industry, it’s more or less impossible for ordinary investors to buy music rights. Thus, web3 startups saw an opportunity to tokenize music assets, allowing fans access to musi

Nexon takes 20-year-old MapleStory into web3 with Haechi’s help

Nexon, one of the biggest gaming companies in the world, is wading into web3 like some of its peers in Asia. The developer of MapleStory is creating a blockchain-powered ecosystem based on the 20-year

As the US cracks down on crypto, Hong Kong extends a warm welcome

On a balmy day in mid-April, thousands of people queued in line to enter the Hong Kong Convention Center where the city’s inaugural web3 festival was underway. Most had flown in from mainland Ch

Why the $830M gaming fund Bitkraft is bullish on Asia

With $830 million in assets under management, Bitkraft Ventures has built a name for backing early- to mid-stage web3 games and other immersive technologies. After eight years of investing mostly in t

Digital identities might be the best way to prove who you are online

There’s a lot of hype around owning your own digital identity, but there's a lot of growth needed to expand the sector and protect people.

Ring ring, Solana’s web3-focused Saga phone is calling

About 10 months ago, Solana’s co-founder and CEO, Anatoly Yakovenko, announced the launch of Saga, a web3-focused Android smartphone. The phone is now being rolled out, and we got to test one ahead

Trading-focused blockchain Sei raises $30M, bringing valuation up to $800M

Sei, a layer-1 blockchain focused on trading, has raised $30 million, Jayendra Jog, co-founder of Sei Labs, exclusively told TechCrunch. A company spokesperson shared an $800 million valuation for the
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