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Firefox will soon start blocking trackers by default

Mozilla today announced that its Firefox browser will soon by default automatically block all attempts at cross-site tracking. There are three parts to this strategy. Starting with version 63, which i

Workona helps web workers finally close all those tabs

A new startup, Workona, this week launched software designed for those who primarily do their work in a browser. The company’s goal is to become the OS for web work – and to also save web

Apple got even tougher on ad trackers at WWDC

Apple unveiled a handful of pro-privacy enhancements for its Safari web browser at its annual developer event yesterday, building on an ad tracker blocker it announced at WWDC a year ago. The feature

Chrome will soon mark all unencrypted pages as ‘not secure’

Google’s Chrome browser will soon flag every site that doesn’t use HTTPS encryption. Starting in July, with the launch of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as ‘not secure&#8

Opera doubles down on Africa with $100M plan to make its browser a media platform

Opera, the Norwegian browser-maker that was sold to a Chinese consortium last year, is doubling down on the African market after it announced plans to invest $100 million to grow its business in th

The Daily Show’s MakeTrumpTweetsEightAgain is political commentary at its geekiest

Whether you agree or disagree with his policies, one thing is certain: making someone’s Tweets look like they were written by a third-grader is really funny. The folks at the Daily Show proved t

Opera adds power-saving mode to its browser

Opera is on a roll lately. Over the last few weeks, the company added a built-in ad blocker and VPN service to its desktop browser, for example. Today, the company is launching a new early release d

Opera backs IAB’s ‘Lean’ effort to make ads less annoying — with caveats

Opera looks to be throwing the ad industry a bit of a bone on the ad-blocking front by saying it wants to work with the IAB on a standardization effort around so-called Lean ads, perhaps with a view t

Opera’s ad blocker comes to its stable release channel and Opera Mini for Android

Opera today announced that its built-in ad blocker, which was previously only available in the experimental developer release channel, is now coming to all of its desktop users. In addition, it is now

Opera adds a built-in ad blocker to its desktop browser

There has been a lot of talk about mobile ad blocking lately, but on the desktop, this is an old phenomenon. Until now, however, desktop ad blocking was all about plugins. But Opera is about to chan

Fluid Browser For Mac Is A Multitasker’s Dream

One of the better features to emerge in iOS 9 is support for picture-in-picture mode on the iPad. But when you’re trying to surf the web while watching Netflix on your Mac, it’s not as easy to do

Firefox 42 Launches With Tracking Protection In Private Browsing Mode

After a short beta period, Mozilla today graduated its new Tracking Protection feature for Firefox's Private Browsing mode into its release channel with the launch of Firefox 42.

Vivaldi Browser Hits Beta After More Than 2M Downloads

Earlier this year, Opera’s former CEO Jon von Tetzchner launched Vivaldi, a new desktop browser for power users (and those who were unhappy with Opera’s direction after that company’

Opera For Desktop Gets Password Sync, Starts Integrating SurfEasy VPN

Earlier this year, Opera Software bought SurfEasy, a virtual private networking (VPN) service that helps users maintain their privacy and surf safely. With the release of Opera 32 for desktop today, t

Chrome Will Begin Pausing Flash Ads By Default, Starting In September

Google’s Chrome web browser keeps getting better. According to a new post on Google+, the company says that, starting on September 1st, Chrome will begin to pause many Flash ads by default in o

Twitter Tests Notifications In Your Web Browser

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.twitter.com">Twitter</a> is no stranger to <a target="_blank" href="https://blog.twitter.com/2012/innovate-through-experimentation">trying out new features</a> on i

Firefox 12 Has Arrived: Introduces Silent Updates For Windows Users And Improved Developer Tools

A new version of Firefox used to be a big deal, but since Mozilla switched to a rapid release schedule, these updates are becoming pretty routine. Today, Mozilla <a href="http://blog.mozilla.org/blog/

“Open” Web Browsers Now Majority Of Web — WebKit Continues Rise

A month just ended, which means new stats. In the world of web browsers, there are two particularly interesting ones of significance. One points to "open" web browsers now in the majority amongst thos

Firefox 4 Downloaded More Than 5 Million Times In 24 Hours (But That's Down From Firefox 3)

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/firefox4stats.jpg" />How many of the more than 7 million Firefox 4.0 downloads do you account for? Mozilla has a running counter that's k

Will You Miss The Browser Address Bar If Google Kills It?

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/chromecompact.jpg" />Say goodbye to your address bar… maybe. Google is mulling over replacing the address bar found in its Chrome Web b
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