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Designed for iPhone 8, Weather Atlas is a great replacement for your stock weather app

There’s no shortage of weather apps on the market, but you may have noticed that few of them are actually all that good. That’s where a new entry called Weather Atlas, from the developer b

Sunnycomb, The Weather App That Creates Personalized Forecasts, Launches On Android

Sunnycomb, the app that tries to predict how each day's weather will make you feel, is now available on Android. Though there are already plenty of well-known weather apps on the market, including pop

Yahoo Makes Its iOS Weather App iPad-Friendly, To The Everlasting Joy Of Those Who Miss A Native One

Yahoo's new direction under Marissa Mayer is still coming together, but one thing they've unquestionably done right is the weather app for iPhone they debuted earlier this year. The iPad version has j