Oura launches a new feature to measure your resilience against stress

Smart ring maker Oura is rolling out a new feature called Resilience, which measures how much stress users can withstand. The company is measuring resilience using parameters like stress load during t

Six rules to get the most out of fitness & wellness tracking

Self quantification is the trend that just keeps on going. There’s an ever-expanding world of wellness wearables and fitness trackers targeting consumers with shiny promises of the personal valu

Samsung is taking on Oura with the Galaxy Ring

It took Oura (pictured above) to show the world that the ring is a viable health-tracking form factor. There have since been a handful of likeminded devices on the market, but no one quite as big as S

Google’s Pixel Watch 2 offers solid upgrades

There are a couple of parallels to be drawn between the Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2. One is obvious, the other a bit more subtle. The first is the addition of temperature sensors — though I would

Oura/Best Buy partnership brings the smart ring to 850 stores across the US

It’s been a whirlwind few years for Oura. The hardware-maker rode the early days of the pandemic to the top of the wearable ranks, establishing itself as the top smart ring maker by a mile. With the

Movano’s new smart ring is focused on women’s health

Movano’s getting a week’s jump on what might well prove a banner CES for the smart ring. Today the Bay Area-based firm debuted Evie, a smart ring focused on women’s health set to hit the market

Bendy batteries could power new categories, and Anthro Energy thinks it’s cracked the code

Anthro Energy aims to bring its bendy batteries to market with help from an oversubscribed $7.2 million seed round.

The Apple Watch SE isn’t as much of a compromise as you might think

It may surprise the casual reader to learn that I don’t run a trillion-dollar multinational corporation. Like any decent tech writer, however, I’m more than happy to offer all my opinions on the m

Star-studded digital avatar startup Genies launches NFT fashion marketplace

Digital avatar startup Genies, known its for high-profile partnerships with celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Migos and Cardi B, has just released its long-anticipated NFT storefront, “The Ware

Meta’s Ray-Ban Stories now let users make calls and send messages with WhatsApp

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced today that the company is launching more hands-free features for its Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses. Starting today, Ray-Ban Stories users can make calls, hear messag

Apple reportedly plans to launch an ‘extreme sports’ Apple Watch with a larger screen and metal casing

Apple is reportedly planning to launch an “extreme sports” version of the Apple Watch this year, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The extreme sports Apple Watch is expected to h

Finger on your pulse: API-first startup Vivanta hopes to be Plaid for health

Mexico-based startup Vivanta lives at the intersection of healthcare and APIs. Its focus is health data, with an eye on the fact that wearables are becoming ubiquitous.

Oura sells its millionth ring

We love big, round numbers here in hardware land. Hitting one million of anything is an impressive feat, let alone one million $399 smart rings. It’s too soon to suggest that Oura has permanently tr

Circular takes on Oura with a $259 smart ring

Oura wasn’t the first smart ring to market, but over the course of its life, the device has had surprisingly little competition. In general, it’s proven difficult for consumer hardware companies t

Four weeks as an Ultrahuman ‘Cyborg’

For four weeks during 2021, this TechCrunch reporter took the plunge and tested a “metabolic fitness” service from Bangalore-based startup Ultrahuman. The tracker program, branded Cyborg,

Oura Ring 3 review

I admit I was thinking about the Oura Ring incorrectly. I was thinking of the device as an alternative to my Apple Watch. I suppose this is true, in the vaguest sense — likely for most people, i

Oura’s gen-3 fitness ring arrives with improved sensors, custom content

In early 2017, Motiv captured the tech press’ imagination by demonstrating how wearable fitness tracking could live beyond the wrist. Ultimately, however, exercise wasn’t enough for the company, w

Sila Nanotechnologies’ battery technology will launch in Whoop wearables

Sila Nanotechnologies’ next-generation battery technology made its commercial product debut Wednesday in the new Whoop fitness tracker, a milestone that caps a decade of research and development

Whoop raises another $200M for its athlete-focused fitness wearable

Founded in 2012, Whoop is far from a household name in the world of fitness trackers. But over the years, the company has attracted its share of converts. It hasn’t had any issue attracting venture

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch blood pressure monitoring app approved by South Korean regulators

Samsung Electronics announced today that its blood pressure monitoring app for Galaxy Watches has been approved by South Korean regulators. Called the Samsung Health Monitor, the app will be available
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