• Crunch Report | QVC Acquires HSN for $2.1 Billion

    QVC acquires HSN for 2.1 billion, RED is working on a smartphone, SoundCloud loses its San Francisco and London offices and Microsoft is laying off thousands of people. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • Handmade knife chipped from fiber optic glass

    Flint (and glass) knapping is no longer practiced on a large scale, but it used to be the primary method of making weapons for primitive cultures. In this day and age of course, it’s easy to go to the sporting goods store and pick up a quality steel knife, but it wasn’t always so. Read More

  • DIY: Get medieval with the Mini-Trebuchet

    Make magazine has a special place in my heart, partly because I love the crazy stuff they come up with, and partly because they want to help you build the crazy stuff they come up with. When I was a youngster, we made a rudimentary version of a catapult in scouts. Sure, it didn’t work very well, and it was powered by a rubber band made from an inner tube, but you could sure launch a… Read More

  • YouTube restricts weapon videos in the U.K.

    AK47-touting and knife-wielding Brits are no longer going to be able to sound off on YouTube. More specifically, weapons shown intimidatingly will not be allowed as gang violence rises ‘cross the Pond. YouTube has enacted regional restrictions in the past such as banning Nazi-type videos in German but this marks this regions first restriction. The companies 24/7 content review teams… Read More

  • Anti-Terrorism Weapon Doesn't Kill, Makes You Puke

    Who cares about CeBit, GDC, PMA and CTIA when this year’s Navy Opportunity Forum for small businesses has weapons that shoot invisible wall-penetrating beams that make people dizzy and puke? My flight and hotel reservations are booked! Read More

  • Crook Uses Wiimote As A Weapon

    A crook in Nagoya, Japan was caught stealing an extra Wiimote in a Bic Camera store and was faced with two security guards blocking his escape route. Rather than drop the goods, throw his hands up, and surrender peacefully, the robber pulled a Wii Sports and smacked up the two guards with the Wiimote. The guards suffered broken bones and chest injuries, but that’s nothing compared to… Read More