Wealth poised to make estate planning accessible to all

Wealth gives you a one-stop shop where your entire financial portfolio can live and accumulate in real-time.

Employees can count on Addition Wealth for free, holistic financial planning services

As companies fight to retain workers amid the “Great Resignation,” many are offering enhanced benefits packages to employees. Financial wellness benefits, in particular, are on the rise, especiall

Please effect a golf clap as Apple’s value reaches $3 trillion

We lose sight of the fact that the tech giants are just that: huge. Their scale is a bit hard to parse, frankly, as their wealth is effectively uncountable.

Ant Financial partners with First Data and Verifone as part of its global expansion

As hundreds of newly minted Chinese millionaires and billionaires continue their global shopping spree, Ant Finacial Services is expanding its reach to make sure they can buy whatever they want, where

Survey: Apple products totally popular with the rich kids

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/kids.jpg" />Growing up, was there anything worse than being called a rich kid? Granted, it was probably just a case of petty jealousy&mda

Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich building $350 million yacht: Has its own missile defense system

Chelsea owner and cheerleader-in-chief (when the side plays attractive football) Roman Abramovich is building a £200 million (~$352 million) yacht that includes at least two helipads, a harbor, a sub