• After Week-Long My Cloud Outage, Western Digital Is Making A Case For Dropbox, Box

    After Week-Long My Cloud Outage, Western Digital Is Making A Case For Dropbox, Box

    Western Digital brags that the its My Cloud product and service will allow owners to “Save everything. Access anywhere”. Except when the service is down. Which it has been for almost a week. Read More

  • WD TV Live Media Streamer Skips Internal Storage For Spotify

    WD TV Live Media Streamer Skips Internal Storage For Spotify

    Western Digital is getting a lot of mileage out of their WD TV media players, and that trend continues today with the announcement of their new WD TV Live box. Unlike its big brother, the WD TV Live is strictly a streamer, but it has a reason to boast: it’s the first WD product to ship with Spotify support The WD TV Live doesn’t have any internal storage to speak of, but it does… Read More

  • The WD Nomad Rugged Case Will Protect And Serve My Passport External Hard Drives

    External hard drives are notoriously fragile devices. They do, after all, contain what is essentially a miniaturized multilayer record player. It’s in this spirit that Western Digital just announced the WD Nomad case for the My Passport External hard drive line. A elastomer interior holds the drive tight while a polycarbonate casing serves as the front line defense. Best of all the case… Read More

  • The WD MyBook line gets the USB 3.0 treatment

    If you’re going to buy that new USB 3.0 hub, you might as well have something to plug into it. Why not the new WD MyBook 3.0? I mean, it’s damn fast, not that expensive, and looks sick. Read More

  • Western Digital announces 2TB drives, more room for pr0n

    Western Digital just announced two new types of drive, both with 2TB capacities. This doesn’t come as a real surprise, since hard drive capacity seems to be increasing on the same scale as CPU speed lately. Read More

  • Western Digital intros the WD TV HD Media Player

    Western Digital must think they have something special with the WD TV HD Media Player to enter this market so late. The WD TV HD reportable plays back up to 1080p media files off an attached USB thumb drive or USB HDD. No word on wether the supplied software supports popular HD file formats like MKV or if you must re-encode source material into an Western Digital approved codec. It might… Read More

  • Western Digital drops ShareSpace NAS into small office and geek's bedrooms

    Western Digital just announced the ShareSpace, a network-attached storage solution aimed at the home or small biz user. The 2 or 4 Terabyte NAS hooks up like every other NAS on the market through a gigabit connection and serves up your wares throughout the network. A front USB port allows users to dump other USB-based drives into the massive RAID array with just a touch of a button. Read More

  • Western digital gets into the RAID backup game

    I’m sure there are plenty of WD hard drives in RAID configurations all around the world, but now they’re stepping into the arena for reals with a consumer-oriented RAID array. They’re all the rage, these days, after all – what with Drobo, the HP MediaSmart, the Newertech setup I mentioned a week ago, and I suppose you could even rig up this thing to be an array. It… Read More