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  • Western Digital’s WD TV Gets Vimeo, Playjam Support

    Western Digital’s WD TV Gets Vimeo, Playjam Support

    The WD TV Live may not have the clout of Roku or Boxee, but these little streaming boxes are a good choice for streamers and home media enthusiasts. They added Spotify to the lineup last month, which makes the box a solid replacement for your laptop or iPod when you just need a few tunes, and now they’ve announced Vimeo and Playjam access as well. That’s really all there is to it. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: WD TV Live Plus Media Player

    This is a nice little sale on one of the best network media streamers. Newegg is selling the WD TV Live Plus for only $79.99 with the coupon code HARDOCPX323E. It’s a great little box with web apps and robust media format support including MKV containers and .avi. It’s a great deal for only $80. [via Dealnews] Read More

  • WD TV Live Now Packs Facebook, AccuWeather, USB Wireless Keyboard Support

    The Internet’s fav little media streamer just got a bunch of new notable features. Of course you already know what they are if you read the headline, but here it goes again: Facebook! AccuWeather! Deezer! and USB keyboard support meaning you can finally utilize a wireless keyboard feed through a wireless USB dongle to control your little streamer! All great selling points verse the… Read More

  • Western Digital announces WD TV Live HD Media Player

    Looks like those images that leaked back in August of the WD TV 2 were pretty spot on. Earlier today, Western Digital announced the newest member of its growing WD TV family, the WD TV Live. Read More

  • Western Digital shrinks the WD TV down to a portable size with the Mini

    Apparently the WD TV wasn’t small enough. The geeks at Western Digital just outed the WD TV Mini that packages most of the original into an even smaller package.[PSGallery=aa75vq338m] Read More

  • Western Digital's WD TV 2 snapped "in the wild"

    CG’s favorite little doodad, the WD TV, from last year is a due for an update this year and the blokes over at the AVS Forums have a handful of images of the upcoming WD TV 2. Two new features for the WD TV 2 can be gleaned from the images without official confirmation from WD: DTS support and an Ethernet port! Read More