• H2O-Pal Helps You Get Your Two Gallons Of Water A Day

    H2O-Pal Helps You Get Your Two Gallons Of Water A Day

    The United States National Laboratory Of Water Drinking And Health (not a real laboratory) recommends that all humans drink lots of water all the time. That’s why H2O-Pal exists – it’s a water bottle that tells you how much you’ve drunk and, more important, when you’ve reached the daily goal of two to five gallons (warning: you could probably drink less) needed… Read More

  • Evive Launches With $2M From Angels To Help Cure Our Addiction To Bottled Water

    Evive Launches With $2M From Angels To Help Cure Our Addiction To Bottled Water

    Let’s be honest: Whether or not you’ve recently hugged a tree, buying branded tap water in a plastic bottle for $1.50+ a pop seems … well … completely #$%^&-ing ridiculous — unless of course your village has yet to secure a reliable source of potable water. In that case, we understand. But, with colleges (and apparently Concord, Massachusetts) moving to or… Read More

  • We're Living in The Future: Scientists Create Dry Water

    Scientists at the University of Liverpool report that they have created dry water. That is, a mostly normal drop of wet water is surrounded by a coating of sandy silica, creating, basically, powdered water. Don’t expect to be able to pour yourself a nice tall glass of dry water, though. The proposed uses for this new form of water mostly deal with absorbing greenhouse gases. The… Read More

  • New York City to keep track of water use with wireless monitors

    New York City residents will now be able to track their water use in real time. The city has installed wireless meters in The Bronx (the program will expand in the future), and residents will be able to see how much water they’re using at any given moment. The idea is to encourage people to cut down on their water consumption. “Wow, I used X-Number of gallons of water during… Read More

  • DIY: Multi-stage water rocket

    I know, I know. Water rocket. Whatever, right? Been there, done that, it’s cool and all, but it’s kinda like the diet coke & mentos thing. It’s been done to death. Well, this ain’t your daddy’s water rocket, let’s put it that way. Read More

  • Feel free to drink your shower water, kids

    Normally, you probably wouldn’t consider drinking your own shower water after you had used it, but throw a couple of plants in there and you may well reconsider. Or, perhaps you’ll react like the Drudge-ushered Daily Mail commenters and say stuff like “WHAT IS THIS GARBAGE, I EARN THE RIGHT TO WASTE WATER AND I’LL BE DAMNED IF SOME EGGHEAD SCIENTIST SAYS OTHERWISE.” Read More

  • This wireless speaker, it floats!

    If you have a swimming pool then you, my friend, need this little waterproof floating wireless speaker that looks like the thing that pops up out of the muck in the trash compactor in Star Wars. This one doesn’t have a cool robotic eye, though, just “Rich sounding bass. Crisp treble. And no wires.” Read More

  • All-electric Jetski goes 50mph, is whisper quiet

    It’s oddly wonderful to see a Jetski darting about in the water accompanied only by sporadic splashing sounds instead of the constant whine of a gasoline motor. The “Eco Watercraft” is an all-electric Jetski that can apparently go up to 50 miles per hour on a battery that lasts three hours in between charges. Read More

  • ‘Aquaduct’ adult-sized tricycle produces clean drinking water, keeps you from tipping over

    Look at this environmentally-advanced mama jama. It’s called the Aquaduct, and though many are referring to it as a bicycle, it’s got three wheels. That, my friends, is a tricycle. Forget semantics, though, because the Aquaduct not only gets your from Point A to Point B (and occasionally Point C), but it also filters cruddy crap-water into delicious drinkable water using an… Read More

  • Rol-La-Tank provides firefighters with remote water storage

    Think of Rol-La-Tank as one of those Wal-Mart style temperary pools. You know the type, the pools featured on America’s Funniest Home Videos that collopase when big, fat Uncle Jimbo falls on one side. They are kind of like that; quick to put up and holds a lot of water.  Lets give these storage containers a little more props though cause one burly firefighter can set up the entire thing… Read More

  • Xziex: Air into water, olde timee alkemiste style

    Xziex is a company that makes water out of air. That’s right: no longer do you need to, ummm… do stuff with water… ummm… like get water from rivers and lakes and… ummm? Like Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen you can build a moisture farm and ummm…. Well, basically this is some sort of fascinating idea that pulls water out of the air. While most of us would call this… Read More