water purification

Startup aims to make filtered water an app-driven subscription service in the home

With so many scandals around the quality of tap water these days, especially in the U.S., many people are turning to bottled water to drink. But this requires single-use plastics that are wreaking hav

The Waterologies Solardistech is a solar water treatment plant for tiny towns

Water treatment is a massively pressing issue. Hundreds of thousands of people die each ear from lack of clean water and a small, portable filtration system could have saved them. That’s what Wa

WaterO brings reverse osmosis drinking water to the kitchen table

A month before Disrupt, Yu Zhou sent us an email titled, “We want to help solve the Flint water problem.” WaterO’s CEO wasn’t claiming to have the catchall solution to the lead problem plaguin

Puralytics CEO On Cleaning Water With Light, Winning The Cleantech Open

<img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/cleantech-open-logo-main.gif" class="shot2"></img> The<a href="http://www.cleantechopen.com/app.cgi/content/home/index"> Cleantech Open</a>—