Water Cooling

  • NZXT launches new Hades gaming case

    NZXT announced the launch of their new chassis (don’t call it a case) today. The new chassis, named the Hades is aimed directly at the gamer enthusiast market. Out of the box it’s set up for air cooling, however it’s pre-drilled to make it easier to add a water cooling mod later. Read More

  • Cool IT shows off liquid cooling kit for AMD

    Water cooling is where it’s at, currently. Any gamer will tell you that keeping your PC cool is critical for making sure you computer runs smoothly and effectively. The issue is, it’s a pain in the butt to set up. It looks like Cool IT intends to help us with that problem. Read More

  • Radness: Water-cooled Xbox 360 mod

    My Xbox 360 overheats badly. So badly in fact that its best if I put it in the window next to my TV to play Halo 3, let it crash out when I’m mid-frag. I’ve picked up the Intercooler from Amazon and it makes things a little better, but if my radiator kicks on I know I’ve got about 3 minutes until I’m kaput. I should try something like Michael Hurt’s water-cooled Xbox. Read More

  • Xoxide PrimoChill Custom Water Cooled Case

    The truly hardcore PC modders build their own case-mods with water cooling, but for those of us who are out of college and actually have jobs, this Xoxide PrimoChill does all the water-cooling and case-modding for you. The case is a custom-modded X-Qpack with laser-etched windows, UV PrimoFlex tubing, and a UV waterblock plate. It also comes with a UV blue Reservoir and a bottle of UV blue… Read More