Another watchphone, this time with GPS

<img src="">Oh rapture! GPS 800G watch phone is here and it's ready to rumble! This phone has GPRS tracking, an SOS button, a

Ground Control to Major Douche: LG Watchphone comes to Orange UK

Pip pip, guv’nor! How’s about a shine? Right-o. Grand pair of shoes, guv’nor. ‘Tis a pleasure to apply paste to the likes of these. S’that? Aye, I’ve got a Nokia, n

Orange France outs the LG GD910's excessively high price

<img src="">Oh man, Devin is going to be upset. He is enamored with the LG GD910, but I have a feeling that the price is a tad too rich

Video: Hands on with LG's prototype watchphone

<img src=""> That great watch/phone we saw a few weeks back is here at CES. I got my hands on it last night but they made me turn off