Watch the teaser trailer for HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ TV show

HBO has been releasing little glimpses of its adaptation of the classic graphic novel “Watchmen,” but now we’ve got a full teaser trailer. “Watchmen” has already been tur

Review: Watchmen: The End is Nigh The Complete Experience (PS3)

I’ll save you the trouble of having to read a full review of Watchmen: The End is Nigh Part 2, folks. It stinks just like Part 1 stunk. Both parts are ridiculously repetitive and there’s only so m

The End is Nigh: Watchmen out on Blu-ray, videogame too

Why am I so giddy over a movie that I wasn’t a big fan of? Because it comes bundled with Parts 1 and 2 of the Watchmen: The End is Nigh videogame. If you’re looking to pick up the movie, the video

Watchmen on Blu-ray to include Watchmen: The End is Nigh videogame

<img src="" alt="" />Contrary to <a href="

We should celebrate, not hate, the viewing party feature of the Watchmen Blu-ray release

<img src="" />One of Peter Ha's favorite movies of the past few months, <i>Watchmen</i>, comes out on Blu-ray and DVD in late July. May

Video: Possible "Watchmen" spinoff?

<img src="" />So how far will Warner Bros. go? You thought that "Watchmen" condoms were the end of it? This was recently seen on youtu

Want to watch the best part of the Watchmen without going to see it?

<img src="" alt="" />I’m still on the fence about the Watchmen, but I was fairly impressed by the opening credits. I actually think it was the

Video: Watchmen vs Wolverine

<img src="" alt="" /><a href="">ItsJustSomeRandomGuy</a> is on point once again with his l

Dr. Manhattan floats serenely over the Thames

[youtube] Reader Adam A viral ad agency sent us this video of Dr. Manhattan enjoying himself, resplendently naked, over the River Thames

Video: The Science of Watchmen

<img src="" alt="" />The University of Minnesota’s James Kakalios was a consultant for the upcoming movie and in this video he discusses t

New Watchmen trailer (Japan version with unseen footage) is out

<img src="" /> <a href="">Watchmen</a>, the highly anticipated superhero film based on <a h

New Watchmen trailer No words. Just watch.

Video: Here's the new Watchmen trailer

[] You probably need to be a comic book connoisseur to appreciate this, but here’s the new trailer for the upcoming movie Watchmen. Like the trailer that d

New footage of Watchmen previewed at Comic Con

Curses. Why am I not there?! Oh well. Maybe next year. io9 on the other hand is there and they’ve written up a nice little recap of what they’ve seen. I’ve chosen not to read the ent

Watchmen games: please forgive my skepticism

So it’s gonna be a game. Okay, leaving aside the entire point and purpose of the Watchmen books (the moral ambiguity and hubris of the heroes), I guess it might actually be cool to play Rorschac

Geek-out: Watchmen trailer and Star Trek cast photos

Fanboys, start your whingeings! First, Entertainment Weekly’s latest issue has a few large shots of some of the primary characters from the upcoming Star Trek movie. They go together to form thi

Video: Watchmen trailer

[] Looks like everything from the original graphic novel will stay intact for the movie adaption. This is going to be legendary. Too bad we’ll have to wait