iOS 8.2 Will Be Available Today, Preparing Your Phone For The Apple Watch

Apple's iOS 8.2 update has now been made official by the company, as it brings support for the upcoming Apple Watch. 8.2 will bring the Apple Watch companion app, and will offer a number of other new

Apple Declares Death To All The Ports

Update: Here are the cables and accessories you’ll need for the MacBook. Apple just announced its latest MacBook. It’s tiny. It makes the Macbook Air look like a Dell Inspiron circa 2002.

Apple Updates Existing MacBook Air And MacBook Pro

In addition to today’s new 12-inch retina MacBook introduced during the Apple keynote, Apple is keeping the existing lineup, and upgrading the specs across the board. First, the existing MacBook

Apple Just Canceled The Right Click

Years ago, when Steve Jobs decided that mice needed only one button, Apple had a problem. While Mac users were busy clicking on things all over the screen, PCs added a second button, the right click,

Apple Introduces A Reinvented MacBook, Starting At $1299

At its event in San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center, Apple today confirmed a long-running rumor that resurfaced back in January: The next major iteration of the MacBook will be a 12-inch Retina laptop

Apple Pay Now Accepted In Nearly 700K Locations

Apple CEO Tim Cook offered a quick update this morning on the rapid growth of Apple Pay. Apparently the company's mobile payment technology is now supported by 2,500 card-issuing banks (up from only s

Apple Drops The Price Of Apple TV To $69

No-cable-required HBO is coming to Apple TV — and, in something of a surprise twist, it's coming to Apple TV <em>exclusively</em>, at first. Looking to grab as many people with this exclusive run

HBO’s New Streaming Service, HBO Now, Exclusive To Apple At Launch

Though today’s Apple event is largely focused on the reveal of the new Apple Watch, the company also announced updates to its Apple TV platform to kick off the day - something that had been rumored

Apple Watch Live Video Stream: How, Where And When

Happy Apple Watch day! Starting at 10 AM Pacific Time, Apple is set to answer all the questions about the Apple Watch. And you can follow our liveblog or watch the festivities on an Apple device. As u

Apple’s ‘Spring Forward’ Watch Event Live Blog

At 10 AM PT on Monday, March 9, Apple will be hosting an event at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, and the Apple Watch will probably be the start of the show. The company’s first smartwa